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Pixel 8 Software Update: Enhanced Features & Faster Installation

Pixel phone users, such as those with Google Pixel 8, receive additional software updates beyond regular Android upgrades. A recent analysis of Android beta code suggests upcoming tweaks and additions for Pixel devices, including Bluetooth improvements and easier Wi-Fi sharing.

The next Pixel feature drop may introduce the ability to switch between Bluetooth devices directly from Quick Settings. Additionally, users will be able to share Wi-Fi login details with a tap on the Internet option.

Enhancements in user privacy are also expected. Users will have clearer visibility into which apps are accessing their microphone and camera, with the ability to quickly revoke access from unwanted apps.

Updates and Notifications:

Users will soon have the option to hide notifications while mirroring or recording their screen.

After the software upgrade, updates will be installed faster due to technical improvements.

Expected changes also include a search box on the taskbar, battery management updates, and enhanced weather information on the lock screen.

Not all new features are explicitly mentioned by Google, so it’s crucial to stay informed to avoid missing anything.

The update is anticipated to roll out in May.

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