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Unusual Encounter: Pokémon Go Player Glitches into Raid Mode

In a peculiar twist during a routine Pokémon Go session, Reddit user ichigodevil found themselves thrust into an unexpected raid scenario.

Raid encounters, intense battles against powerful boss Pokémon, are a staple feature of the game, typically occurring when a Gym is taken over. Yet, ichigodevil was astonished when a raid countdown materialized above their in-game character, prompting them to share the anomaly on Reddit alongside a playful challenge: “who wanna square up?”

The post quickly garnered attention from amused Reddit users worldwide.

Comments ranged from humorous observations like “At least you’re rated five stars,” to jesting suggestions such as “It’s time to catch a PokéGo player.”

However, amidst the banter, user PokeOneKenobi offered a darker interpretation, urging those experiencing similar glitches to seek assistance from Niantic.

Despite Pokémon Go’s initial peak popularity in 2016, boasting 28.5 million daily unique visitors, the game still maintains a substantial player base of approximately 11.2 million users, solidifying its status as a significant contender in mobile gaming.

Unusual Encounter: Pokémon Go Player Glitches into Raid Mode

Nevertheless, the Pokémon gaming landscape faces new competition, exemplified by Palworld, a third-person survival game featuring creatures reminiscent of Pokémon’s iconic roster.

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