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Windows 11 Tests Ads for Copilot Pro: AI Upgrade Sparks User Interest

Windows 11 is currently undergoing testing to potentially include ads for Copilot Pro. Copilot Pro is Microsoft’s enhanced AI assistant available through a monthly subscription.

Recently, PhantomOfEarth on X (previously Twitter) discovered a new card for Copilot Pro on the Settings app’s Home page. This card offers a brief overview of the service with links for further information or immediate subscription.

It’s worth noting that the leaker had to explore and use a configuration tool in Dev and Beta builds to unveil the Copilot Pro advertisement. However, two other Windows 11 testers in the Beta channel reported having the Copilot Pro card without any additional action.

To put it simply, the Copilot Pro ad appears to be selectively rolled out to certain testers, as it’s present in the background of Windows 11 (Beta and Dev) and can be activated.

Adding more ads is a possibility

With the expectation that it will first reach testers and later be rolled out to all Windows 11 users. However, testing ideas may be abandoned if heavily criticized.

It seems likely that Microsoft will proceed with a Copilot Pro ad. The company is known for promoting its services within its products, especially with the growing significance of AI in Windows 11. Monetizing AI is likely a priority.

A push to highlight the paid version of Copilot is probable, if not inevitable. Placing it in Settings may be a subtler approach compared to a more prominent location like the Start menu.

Windows 11 Tests Ads for Copilot Pro: AI Upgrade Sparks User Interest
Image Credit: Microsoft

Curious about Copilot Pro benefits? Expect faster performance, enhanced responses, and additional customization options. However, these perks do not detract from the free version of Copilot – at least not yet. The latest upgrades may be reserved for the Pro version, as seen with GPT-4 Turbo initially coming to Copilot Pro, not the basic free Copilot.

Keep an eye on this space, or rather, the space on the Home page of Settings. Via Neowin.

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