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Windows 12: A Glimpse Into the Future of Microsoft’s Operating System

We might be witnessing the initial peek at Windows 12, though certainty eludes us. What’s clear, however, is Microsoft’s significant shift in Windows test builds.

XenoPanther, formerly on Twitter, observed a noteworthy development in the internal Canary versions of Windows 11. The latest build, 27547, has recently emerged in this earliest testing channel.

The latest Canary channel build, version 26040, introduces the Voice Clarity feature for enhanced video chats. Notably, builds now span the 26XXX and 27XXX ranges. This raises the question: Could the 27XXX range signify Windows 12’s initial test phase? Let’s delve into that shortly.

Analyzing the situation

As Microsoft leaker Zac Bowden highlighted, Windows 26XXX may be the imminent release, possibly Windows 11 24H2 arriving later this year. The 27XXX previews might signify the subsequent Windows version, expected in 2025, with testing among Windows Insiders anticipated.

This leads to the tentative conclusion that we could be looking at Windows 12 or a completely new Windows iteration, regardless of the name it ultimately adopts. It’s noteworthy that Windows 11 24H2, while not visibly new on the front end, will boast a revamped foundation—Germanium—providing substantial performance and security enhancements beneath the surface.

In essence, this underscores the idea that Windows 12 or the next-gen Windows might not debut this year, likely making its entrance in the following year, especially considering Windows 10’s planned discontinuation in 2025 (precisely in October).

A significant concern is the potential fragmentation of the desktop user base into three groups if Windows 12 were introduced this year. This could pose organizational challenges for updates. Hence, delaying the arrival of Windows 12 until 2025 seems prudent.

Windows 12: A Glimpse Into the Future of Microsoft's Operating System

As a noteworthy aside, Microsoft has intriguing codenames for its OS development semesters. Originally slated as “arsenic,” it has been replaced with “Dilithium” due to the former’s negative connotations. Star Trek fans might appreciate this shift, with possibilities of “Duranium” for future codenames.

(Source: Neowin, Deskmodder)

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