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Xbox Collaborates with Ukie: Educational Podcasts & Field Trips

Unlocking Skills Through Gaming: Explore Xbox Field Trips

Xbox has collaborated with the UK Interactive Entertainment (Ukie) trade association’s Digital Schoolhouse initiative to introduce Xbox Field Trips, educational podcasts inspired by popular Xbox Game Pass titles like Sea of Thieves and Minecraft.

These podcasts, termed “audio learning journeys,” are accessible for free on Spotify and emphasize the development of crucial soft skills such as decision-making, teamwork, and strategy. Crafted by a diverse team including teachers, game narrative designers, educational technology specialists, and child psychologists.

Each Xbox Field Trip can be downloaded as an e-book via the Xbox website, catering to visual learning styles and individual accessibility needs. Presently, there are seven experiences available, each tailored to different skills and specific games on the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

Here’s the complete list of games and their associated skills:

GameAssociated Skills
GroundedStrategy and Decision-making
Sea of ThievesTeamwork and Delegation
MinecraftCreativity and Innovation
Microsoft Flight SimulatorFocus and Diligence
PowerWash SimulatorMotivation and Prioritisation
Age of Empires 4Strategy and Decision making
Cities: SkylinesPlanning and Adaptability

Ollie Bray, co-author of the European Games in Schools Handbook and involved in program development, notes that “play is one of the most powerful ways to learn.” These interactive “Field Trips” enable young individuals to immerse themselves in popular video games while honing vital skills and exploring diverse learning outcomes.

Xbox Collaborates with Ukie: Educational Podcasts & Field Trips

This initiative follows various campaigns highlighting the positive impact of video games on people’s lives, including Beyond Generations, addressing loneliness in older individuals through gaming, and Beyond Xbox: A Player Like Me, utilizing gaming in therapeutic settings.

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