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Lenovo Chromebox Micro: Compact Powerhouse for Digital Solutions

Google’s browser-based operating system, ChromeOS, is commonly linked to Chromebooks, but it also operates Chromeboxes and compact desktop computers.

Lenovo is unveiling the Chromebox Micro, an affordable, high-performance media player with an ultra-thin design. Marking Lenovo’s entry into smaller Chromeboxes, the Micro boasts a fanless, ventless, and dust-proof design.

Despite its compact size—smaller than numerous smartphones—the Chromebox Micro supports dual 4K displays, offering great potential for enhancing a home office setup.

Lenovo Chromebox Micro and InFLEX Displays Unveiled: A Technological Marvel

Lenovo Chromebox Micro and InFLEX Displays Unveiled: A Technological Marvel

Lenovo’s Chromebox Micro is not only accompanied by special monitors but also features versatile ports—USB-A, USB-C, and HDMI—along with convenient screw holes for easy mounting.

In partnership with Instorescreen, Lenovo introduces tailored 15.6-inch and 21.5-inch inFLEX displays for the Chromebox Micro. These high-res displays seamlessly integrate with the Chromebox Micro, ensuring accessible ports. Simplifying cable management, a single USB-C cable connects the Chromebox Micro to inFLEX displays, handling video, power, and data.

lenovo Chromebox Micro

Vice President Marc Godin praises Chromebox Micro’s technological prowess, emphasizing its ability to power diverse digital solutions across industries. With a fanless Intel Celeron N4500 dual-core processor, 8GB memory, and 32GB eMMC storage, the Chromebox Micro promises powerful yet compact performance.

Scheduled for a first-quarter 2024 release in select global markets, the Chromebox Micro starts at $219. Pricing details for the inFLEX displays are yet to be disclosed. Lenovo’s latest offerings showcase innovation tailored for businesses, providing exceptional visual experiences in a compact and deployable solution.

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