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LG B4 vs LG C4: A Comparison for 2024 TVs

2024 is set to be a monumental year for LG TVs. At CES in January, LG unveiled its OLED lineup for the year, introducing the groundbreaking wireless LG M4 alongside updated versions of its OLED range: the G4, C4, and B4. With this array of options, deciding between the LG B4 and LG C4 can be daunting.

The LG B4, positioned as the entry-level model, builds upon the success of the highly regarded LG B3 from 2023, lauded for its exceptional picture quality, gaming prowess, and competitive pricing. For those seeking top-notch OLED quality without breaking the bank, the LG B4 could be the perfect fit.

Equipped with an upgraded Alpha 8 AI processor and four HDMI 2.1 ports catering to gamers, the LG B4 also offers a new 48-inch size variant. Expect significant enhancements over its predecessor.

The LG C4, a step up from the B4, serves as a mid-range option succeeding the acclaimed LG C3, hailed in 2023 as a “picture-perfect” TV for both movies and gaming. Building on this legacy, the LG C4 boasts a new generation Alpha 9 AI processor for brighter images and gaming features akin to higher-end models like the M4 and G4, such as a 144Hz refresh rate.

With its multitude of upgrades and enhanced specifications, the LG C4 emerges as a strong contender for one of the best TVs of 2024. The question remains: Is it better to opt for the entry-level LG B4 or to invest in the mid-range LG C4?

LG B4 vs LG C4: Pricing and Release Dates

As of now, LG has not disclosed the official prices for the LG B4 or LG C4. Typically, the company announces prices close to the release date. Based on past trends, we anticipate both models to hit the market in spring 2024, likely around March or April.

Until then, it’s reasonable to assume that the LG B4 will come at a lower price point. LG’s naming convention suggests that ‘B’ denotes a more affordable option, while ‘C’ indicates a more advanced model, with ‘G’ and ‘M’ representing high-end categories.

While the LG B4 is expected to be cheaper than the LG C4, the exact price difference remains uncertain. This factor will significantly influence which TV offers the best value and performance.

Looking at their predecessors, the LG B3 and LG C3:

ModelPrice (USD)Price (GBP)Price (AUD)
ModelPrice (USD)Price (GBP)Price (AUD)
OLED83C3$5,299£6,499around AU$7,900
OLED77C3$3,599£3,999around AU$5,370
OLED65C3$2,600£2,899around AU$3,900
OLED55C3$1,899£2,099around AU$2,830
OLED48C3$1,499£1,599around AU$2,240
OLED42C3$1,399£1,499around AU$2,100

The price gap between the B3 and C3 models was relatively narrow. However, it’s worth noting that prices for both decreased significantly post-launch, suggesting a similar trend for the B4 and C4.

Additionally, the LG C3 offered smaller 42-inch and 48-inch sizes along with a larger 83-inch option compared to the LG B3. The upcoming LG B4 will introduce a 48-inch TV, catering to smaller spaces and likely offering an even more budget-friendly option than the 55-inch variant—ideal for those on a tight budget or in need of a secondary TV for a spare room, study, or gaming.

Comparison of LG B4 and LG C4: Features

The LG B4 and LG C4 present several distinctions. The B4 features an Alpha 8 processor, while the C4 boasts a next-gen Alpha 9 processor, likely enhancing performance and AI capabilities, such as AI Sound Pro.

For gamers, the C4 offers a 144Hz refresh rate, surpassing the B4’s 120Hz. Both TVs provide four HDMI 2.1 ports, VRR, and ALLM, ideal for gaming. Additionally, they run on LG’s webOS 24 and include built-in Chromecast.

While the C4 appears superior on paper, the actual differences remain to be tested thoroughly.

LG B4 vs LG C4: Picture Quality Comparison

The LG C4’s next-gen OLED Evo panel promises superior picture quality compared to the B4. With advanced self-illuminating pixels and ‘Brightness Booster’ technology, the C4 delivers brighter and more vibrant visuals.

Moreover, the C4’s upgraded processor ensures improved processing power and peak brightness levels, surpassing both the B4 and its predecessor, the C3.

Although hands-on testing is pending, initial observations indicate impressive brightness and HDR performance from the C4. Further evaluation will determine its superiority over the B4 and other models like the G4.

Comparison: LG B4 vs LG C4 Sound Quality

The Alpha 9 chip in the C4 enhances sound with LG’s AI Sound Pro, optimizing audio for different content types. Additionally, it enables wireless, lossless Dolby Atmos audio when paired with a compatible LG soundbar.

Although these upgrades seem promising on paper, we need hands-on experience to evaluate their impact on the C4’s performance, especially considering our previous assessment of the LG C3’s audio as “average.”

LG B4 vs LG C4: A Comparison for 2024 TVs


For top-notch performance, the LG C4 is the superior choice, offering better specs, picture, and sound quality. However, if the B4 is significantly cheaper, it could be a more cost-effective option for budget-conscious buyers.

Ultimately, the best TV between the LG B4 and LG C4 will depend on various factors, including personal preferences and budget. Stay tuned for full pricing details and comprehensive reviews to make an informed decision.

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