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LG C4 2024 OLED TV: Upgrades, Leaks, and Anticipated Features

The LG C3, a standout among our 2023 OLED TVs, faced a tough challenge following the success of the LG C2, our 2022 top TV pick. Nevertheless, it managed to impress with enhanced HDR processing, a sleek design, a revamped smart TV interface, and a rich array of features catering to gamers and movie enthusiasts. Despite its excellence, it fell short of clinching our TV of the Year Award, losing out to its direct competitor, the Samsung S90C.

Now, the spotlight shifts to the anticipated LG C4. While details about this OLED TV remain scarce, leaked specs suggest plausible upgrades. CES 2024 promises to shed more light on LG’s 2024 TV lineup. The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the organizer of CES, has already recognized LG’s OLED TVs, boding well for the upcoming C4. Expect updates in January as we unveil the real information.

LG C4 2024 OLED TV: Upgrades, Leaks, and Anticipated Features

LG C4: Anticipated Release Date and Pricing

As LG has yet to provide an official release date or pricing for the C4, we can only speculate based on the patterns observed with previous models like the LG C3.

The 2023 OLED TV, the LG C3, was unveiled at CES in January and hit the market in March. This aligns with the timeline of its predecessor, the LG C2, and the one before that, the LG C1. Therefore, it’s reasonable to expect the LG C4 to follow suit, potentially gracing the market around March 2024.

Positioned as LG’s mid-tier 4K OLED TV, the C-series fits snugly between the flagship G-series and the entry-level B-series. Reflecting on the LG C3’s pricing in the US and UK:

OLED83C3$5,299 / £6,499 / AU$7,900
OLED77C3$3,599 / £3,999 / AU$5,370
OLED65C3$2,600 / £2,899 / AU$3,900
OLED55C3$1,899 / £2,099 / AU$2,830
OLED48C3$1,499 / £1,599 / AU$2,240
OLED42C3$1,399 / £1,499 / AU$2,100

While industry experts suggest LG needs to trim prices for competitiveness, the inherent expense of OLED technology might limit significant reductions. Therefore, we wouldn’t be surprised if the LG C4 maintains a pricing structure similar to the aforementioned list in 2024 or sees a modest increase to accommodate inflation.

LG C4: Anticipated Features and Leaks

Details on the LG C4 and LG’s 2024 TV lineup remain scarce, but an intriguing leak hints at exciting prospects, especially for PC gamers. FlatPanelsHD, a TV tech site, uncovered information from AMD’s TV database, suggesting noteworthy enhancements.

Reportedly, the LG C4 will come in 48-inch, 55-inch, and 77-inch models, all certified for AMD’s FreeSync Premium, promising low lag and smooth gameplay. The leak indicates a VRR range of 40-144Hz, surpassing the LG C3’s 120Hz maximum refresh rate. This could make the C4 more enticing for PC gamers, given the consoles’ 120Hz limit.

A significant improvement expected in upcoming LG OLED TVs involves a next-gen processing chip, rumored to surpass the current Alpha 9 chip in AI computation. The reported addition of a neural processing unit (NPU) is anticipated to enhance on-device performance markedly. This could revolutionize image analysis, noise reduction without loss of detail, and smart audio enhancements, promising visible and audible improvements across LG’s OLED range.

While official confirmation on the chip’s inclusion in 2024 models is pending, the upgrade holds promise for a transformative impact on TV processing. Additionally, leaked information from AMD’s FreeSync database hints at a 144Hz refresh rate for the LG C4 and LG G4, offering a notable boost for PC gamers, though console gamers may not experience a difference due to the 120Hz limit.

As we await official confirmation and further details, these leaks generate anticipation for what LG’s C4 might bring to the table, particularly for gaming enthusiasts.

LG C4: Wishlist and Expectations

The LG C3 was solid, but a brighter screen is a must for the C4 to match the Samsung S90C’s brightness advantage. Incorporating Micro Lens Array (MLA) tech, as seen in the LG G3, could significantly boost brightness.

While soundbars are popular, quality built-in audio matters. The LG C3’s sound was decent but not exceptional. To stay competitive, the C4 should deliver a bit more audio punch, aligning with the trend set by rivals like the Sony A80L and Samsung S90C prioritizing immersive audio.

Wireless Dolby Atmos support, a feature offered by Samsung, should be a welcome addition. LG hinted at this possibility with the LG M3, and 2024 might be the year it becomes a reality.

A key expectation for the LG C4 is a noticeable leap forward from the C2 and C3. Addressing static improvements, especially in image quality, sound, and design, would elevate its value proposition. The leaked processor news adds excitement, potentially bringing a significant upgrade.

With fingers crossed, we hope the LG C4 showcases clear advancements in all aspects, delivering the value that sets it apart, especially when compared to the competition like the Samsung S90C.

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