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Lucid vs. Tesla: Overcoming Challenges in the EV Race

Lucid, the American EV manufacturer, has been a formidable competitor for Tesla since revealing its production cars in 2021. The Lucid Air, often compared to Mercedes’ luxurious S-Class, has received positive reviews from reputable outlets like Top Gear.

Now, adding to Tesla’s challenges is the Lucid Air Pure, touted as the ‘best value’ in Lucid’s lineup. Alongside models like Air Touring, Air Grand Touring, and Air Sapphire, the Pure comes with a tempting starting price of $76,475 after a $7,500 EV credit in the US (€109,000 in Europe, approximately £93,000 / AU$179,000).

In comparison, this is slightly above the base $74,900 Model S (€94,990, or about £82,000 / AU$156,000), which recently saw price reductions causing concerns about depreciating residual values.

Despite this, Lucid offers attractive monthly lease deals starting at $749, in contrast to Tesla’s $1,099 per month for the ‘entry-level’ Model S over 36 months in the US. The competition is heating up, and Musk might need more than paracetamol to alleviate the pressure.

Tesla Model S
(Image credit: Tesla) Tesla Model S

Comparing Lucid Air Pure and Tesla Model S: Performance, Range, and Features

Crucially, Lucid asserts an impressive all-electric range of up to 419 miles from its 88kWh battery, surpassing Tesla’s 405-mile EPA rating in 2022.

Both boast all-wheel-drive, with Tesla claiming a 0-60mph time of 3.1 seconds, slightly edging out Lucid Air Pure’s 3.8 seconds.

Lucid emphasizes luxury, adorning the interior with PurLuxe leather, 20-way adjustable seats, 19-inch alloys, and a sophisticated infotainment system with a digital cockpit and touchscreen.

Opting for the Touring trim, Lucid challenges Tesla’s Model S Plaid, offering a more budget-friendly option with a 3.4-second 0-60mph time and an extra 29 miles of range.

For drag racing enthusiasts, Lucid’s high-end Sapphire model competes with Tesla for $249,000, boasting a 1.89-second acceleration, 427 miles of range, and premium features.

Lucid Air Pure
Lucid Air Pure

Analyzing Lucid’s Challenges Against Tesla’s Dominance

While Lucid aims to compete with Tesla, its lack of a Supercharger network and limited market presence pose significant challenges.

Focusing on the US and select European markets, including Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, and Norway, Lucid faces hurdles in expanding to the UK due to right-hand drive conversion.

Though making strides in China and serving markets like Saudi Arabia, Lucid’s growth is pivotal for it to be a true rival to Tesla’s EV dominance.

Tesla’s Model S, launched in 2012, is aging, but by the time Lucid gains traction, Tesla may unveil a new model with cutting-edge tech and extended range capabilities.

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