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Meta Quest 3 VR Update Woes: Chromecast Connection Axed in v60 Release

Like many of us, suppose you’re rocking a Meta Quest 3 VR headset. In that case, you might have noticed a recent bummer: the v60 software update seems to have axed the nifty feature of projecting your VR escapades onto a larger screen via Chromecast.

Android Central and Reddit have been buzzing about this development. The v60 update, as observed, removes the direct option to cast your immersive VR action to a Chromecast dongle on the same Wi-Fi network.

Although Meta hasn’t spoken up about it publicly, they’ve quietly adjusted their official headset documentation, now stating, “Chromecast is not fully supported with Meta Quest.”

Their new advice? Cast the VR feed to the Meta Quest app for Android or iOS first and then route it to a Chromecast. Alternatively, you can showcase your VR experiences on a computer through the Meta Quest website.

Meta Quest 3 VR Update Woes: Chromecast Connection Axed in v60 Release

Wondering what’s the deal?

While VR gaming solo may not require a TV view, sharing the experience with friends and family becomes a handy social feature.

Surprisingly, Meta’s silence leaves us guessing. Could it be due to reliability issues, or is Meta steering users toward its apps?

Adding to the mystery, secondary accounts on Meta headsets are still cast to Chromecast. Oddly, primary accounts can’t, hinting at a non-technical motive.

We’re in the dark unless Meta spills the beans on why the direct Chromecast connection got axed. Sharing VR gameplay on TV just got a tad trickier for now.

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