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NordVPN: Deloitte-Validated No-Logs Assurance for Unrivaled Privacy

Recently, reputable auditors verified the no-logs assertion of a top-tier VPN service. NordVPN, as outlined in its Privacy Policy, ensures no retention of user-identifiable data. Deloitte, a leading auditing firm, rigorously examined NordVPN’s security software, finding no breaches during the assurance engagement.

In a commitment to maintaining user confidence, this marks the fourth occasion the renowned VPN provider subjected its privacy commitments to external scrutiny since 2018.

NordVPN: Deloitte-Validated No-Logs Assurance for Unrivaled Privacy

Securing Trust: NordVPN’s No-Logs Assurance and Deloitte’s Validation

NordVPN, committed to cybersecurity, assures users their online traffic won’t be monitored. We strongly advise seeking a no-logs policy, crucial for privacy-focused users.

Despite basic data logs, a genuine no-log VPN ensures no personal or usage data collection. In the case of data acquisition by hackers or authorities, sensitive information remains non-existent. An example is Swedish authorities leaving empty-handed after a police raid on Mullvad’s servers.

Deloitte’s testing, conducted from November 30 to December 7, 2023, involved inquiries with NordVPN employees and inspections of server configurations. From standard to Double VPN, Obfuscated, Onion Over VPN (TOR), and P2P servers, all were verified. Privacy settings and tools for virus and malware blocking were also scrutinized.

Deloitte concluded that NordVPN aligns with its no-logs policy. Marijus Briedis, NordVPN’s CTO, stated, “Independent assurance by a trusted Big Four firm reassures customers of our commitment to a safer internet.”

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