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Streamlining Air Travel: The Power of Biometric Systems

There are several procedures that one must undergo when one is about to embark on a flight. The end-to-end process will involve various pre-departure, departure, transfer, and arrivals procedures. At all checkpoints, biometric systems can reduce the inconveniences for passengers. Self-service is increasingly being held as the future of air travel since it makes the journey seamless. In this blog, we will discuss the ways an end-to-end biometric system for Airports can be advantageous for all passengers.

Why is a solution needed for the procedures?

The procedures involved at the airport are very lengthy. It begins with check-In, and then one proceeds to the security screening. Baggage drop will have to be done if it exceeds a certain limit. Before boarding the flight, there is a window period when one can take time off. One can either spend time shopping at duty-free shops or relax at the airport lounge. After this, one can arrive at the boarding gate. These procedures may require a passenger to present one’s documents like a passport or boarding pass. This might increase the feeling of frustration. Airports are slowly and steadily embracing biometric systems to make these procedures seamless.

Biometric solutions are available for all the procedures

Vendors can deploy an End-to-End Biometric System for Airports which will enable all passengers to enjoy seamless travel. The time taken in the following procedures will get slashed by around 50 percent.


With the assistance of top vendors, biometric-enabled kiosks can be installed for check-in. The passenger will be able to check-in using the kiosk. The kiosk will also provide a biometric token that can be used by the passenger during all the procedures till departure.

Security Screening

There are many biometric technologies that can assist in authentication of the passenger. Biometric authentication technologies include facial recognition systems, fingerprint readers, retina scanners, and iris readers.

Access to the airport lounge

Based on the biometric data available, a VIP with a business class ticket will be identified and given access to the services of a lounge.

Enjoy duty-free shopping

Biometric systems can allow a person to enjoy personalized duty-free shopping experience at the airport.

Border Clearance

Self-service kiosks for border clearance when a passenger is traveling abroad are an innovative travel solution. This can save time for passengers.

Self-Boarding Gates

Boarding gates need not be manned by the ground staff of the airlines if the biometric systems of the vendors are deployed at the airport. The passenger will be authenticated with the help of a photograph clicked on-the-spot, which will then be verified using a database.

Self-bag drop system

An agent is not required to check the baggage. Biometric photo-matching technology is used to authenticate a person.

Flight Manifest

Biometric Flight Manifest Solution by vendors will help the airline manage the digital IDs of all the departing passengers.

Benefits of End-To-End Biometric System for Airports

The airport space can be used efficiently if biometric systems are used. Long queues for border clearance and security screening can be avoided with the help of a biometric system. As a result, hygiene will be maintained as the procedures become touchless.

The privacy of the passengers is not violated. Biometric Flight Manifest Solution ensures that there is no breach of privacy. All the biometric data of the biometric token given during Check-in is deleted within 24 hours. Airlines need less ground staff to handle the passengers. Only genuine passengers will be able to use the airport lounges.

While there are many vendors who are offering biometric systems for airports Many of the procedures like Check-In, Boarding, and Bag Drop can be made contactless using these systems. Digital IDs will be used to authenticate a person. So, they will not be required to show their passport or boarding pass at checkpoints. That will avoid placing security personnel, ground staff, and agents, reducing the pressure on the airport and airline staff. The facial recognition system recognized world-over for its efficacy in dealing with suspicious activity.

What are the recommendations of international aviation bodies?

International aviation bodies like IATA have also recommended the use of biometric authentication solutions to make air travel seamless for passengers. IATA says that all the stakeholders in the aviation sector, including the airlines, airport operators, and passengers, can benefit from these solutions. The boarding times can be improved by using Biometric Flight Boarding Solution. The airline’s liabilities can be minimized as the accuracy of identifying passengers increases. There is a lesser requirement for airline staff to manage boarding gates. The personal data of the passengers can be secured by using Biometric Flight Manifest Solution. Also, accurate data can be kept of people flying in and out of a country. The passenger handling capacity of an airport increases if these solutions are adopted. The existing infrastructure of the airport can be utilized efficiently.

Streamlining Air Travel: The Power of Biometric Systems


Making the travel contactless will require the deployment of a biometric system at the airport. All the airports are adopting biometric systems to make the travel experience of passengers seamless. We are showing the path in devising biometric systems that can reduce the time taken in the procedures at the airport. All aviation stakeholders, including airport operators, airlines, and passengers, will benefit if these are adopted.

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