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How To Use Samsung Galaxy S24’s AI Wallpaper Generator

This year’s Samsung Galaxy S series is buzzing with excitement over its new AI-driven features known as ‘Galaxy AI’. These features, found across all three models of the Samsung Galaxy S24, include Circle, Search, and Tone Assist for typing. Among these, the standout addition is the AI-powered wallpaper generator.

While in the past, users could customize images with filters and cut-outs in Samsung’s One UI, the S24 series takes it a step further with its wallpaper tool. This tool allows users to choose prompts related to subjects, colors, and styles, which the AI then uses to create unique wallpapers every time.

This feature adds a touch of fun and individuality to the Galaxy AI suite on the S24 series, which primarily focuses on productivity and communication tools.

If you’re curious to explore this feature further, keep reading for a detailed guide.

Galaxy AINew AI-driven features across all Samsung Galaxy S24 models, including Circle, Search, and Tone Assist.
Wallpaper GeneratorAI-powered tool allowing users to select prompts for subjects, colors, and styles to generate unique wallpapers.
IndividualityAdds personality and uniqueness to the Galaxy AI suite, contrasting with its productivity-focused tools.

Tools and Requirements

Samsung Galaxy S24Required device (S24, S24 Plus, or S24 Ultra).

Quick Steps: How to Create AI-Generated Wallpapers on the Samsung Galaxy S24

  1. Long-press on a space on your home screen.
  2. Tap on “Wallpaper and Style” in the bottom left corner.
  3. Select “Change wallpapers.”
  4. Scroll down to the “Creative” section and tap on “Generative.”
  5. Choose a template or create something new.
  6. Customize the prompt by tapping on highlighted keywords.
  7. Tap “Generate.”
  8. Browse through the newly generated wallpapers and choose one.
  9. Set the wallpaper for the lock screen, home screen, or both.
  10. Preview the wallpaper and tap “Done” if satisfied.
  11. Return to your home or lock screen to admire your new AI-generated wallpaper.

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Long-press on your home screenFind an empty area on any home screen, devoid of icons or widgets. Long-press to access customization options.
2. Select ‘Wallpaper and style’Tap the ‘Wallpaper and style’ button in the bottom left corner to access settings.
3. Tap on ‘Change wallpapers’Under current previews, select ‘Change wallpapers’ to enter the wallpaper gallery.
4. Select ‘Generative’Scroll to ‘Generative’ in the Creative section. Tap to proceed to the edit menu.
5. Choose a wallpaper templateSelect from existing templates or create something new.
6. Edit your AI wallpaper promptCustomize prompts by tapping and selecting words. Tap ‘Generate’ when satisfied.
7. Choose your wallpaperView up to four newly generated wallpapers. Tap ‘Set’ on your preferred choice.
8. Choose wallpaper locationSelect where the wallpaper appears – lock screen, home screen, or both. Tap ‘Next’ to proceed.
9. Preview your new wallpaperView a preview and swipe to see other options. Tap ‘Done’ when satisfied.
10. Enjoy your new wallpaperOnce changes are applied, return to your screen to enjoy the new wallpaper.


How many times can I generate new AI wallpapers on my Samsung Galaxy S24?You can generate as many as you’d like for now, but some Galaxy AI features may become paid after 2025.
Will older devices get the S24 series’ AI wallpaper generator?Older Galaxy devices will receive some S24 series’ AI features via update, but it’s uncertain if AI wallpaper generation will be included.
Can I use fully custom prompts for AI wallpapers on my S24?No, the on-device implementation limits customization to preset prompts to control AI usage and prevent inappropriate images.
Do I need internet for AI wallpaper generation on my S24?While network connectivity is needed, AI wallpaper generation can work offline, ensuring privacy.
How To Use Samsung Galaxy S24's AI Wallpaper Generator


The Galaxy AI features on the S24 are powerful. Though the wallpaper generator may seem frivolous, it showcases AI’s capabilities and offers unique wallpapers tailored to your taste.

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