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Overcoming Steam Ban in Vietnam: A VPN Guide

Vietnamese gamers are shocked this week. Steam, a beloved gaming platform, is now banned in Vietnam. The ban’s cause remains unclear. It could be due to legislative changes or local publishers’ dissatisfaction.

Online forums are buzzing with theories about the ban. We’ve summarized what we know so far. To regain access to your Steam games, use a VPN. I’ve suggested some reliable options, all with 30-day money-back guarantees.

Why is Steam banned in Vietnam?

Theories and local news are our only sources of information about the ban. Vietnamese authorities haven’t given an official explanation. Gamers on forums have three main theories:

Could Valve be evading taxes? Recent law changes require e-commerce sites like Steam to pay Vietnamese taxes. If Valve hasn’t complied, it could explain the ban.

Some Vietnamese developers accuse Steam of selling illegal games. This theory has the most evidence. They claim Steam has flooded the market with unlicensed games. One developer, thought to be VTC, called this an “injustice to domestic publishers.”

This statement is the only one we’ve seen about the ban. It’s considered credible, especially considering Steam’s restrictions in other eastern countries. However, it raises questions about whether local publishers are worried about Valve’s growing monopoly.

Has Steam failed to adapt its releases for Eastern markets? Some markets, including Vietnam, have rules about blood and sexual content in games. If Steam hasn’t complied, it could explain the store’s ban.

How to Access Steam in Vietnam?

Steam’s ban in Vietnam has made gaming a bit tricky. But, don’t worry! A VPN can help you regain access to your Steam games. It lets you connect to a server in another country and play your games online without lag or high ping.

I always monitor the best gaming VPNs. Unlike regular VPNs, gaming VPNs offer online security and other features to ensure optimal performance and access to games anywhere.


Steps to Use Steam with a VPN

Missing your favorite games due to the Steam ban in Vietnam? A VPN can help you access all your favorite titles. Here’s how:

Choose a VPN

Decide on a VPN. You can try out some of the best VPNs using their 30-day money-back guarantees. Once you’ve signed up, download the VPN app onto your computer.

Connect to a Server

After downloading the VPN app, select a server in a country that allows full Steam library access. Activate your VPN and establish a connection.

Log into Steam

With your VPN connected, log into Steam. Go to the Account details tab, usually found by clicking your Steam username in the top right-hand corner. Click the Update Store Country button in the Store & Purchase History section and select the country your VPN is connected to.

Add a New Billing Address

This step is a bit tricky. Steam needs a billing address in the relevant country for purchases. You could ask friends or colleagues in that country for their addresses.

Start Gaming!

You’re ready to play once you’ve set up a new country and address in your Steam account! Buy games, download them, and play online. With your VPN connected, your gaming experience should be smooth and unaffected by regional bans.

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