LG S95TR Soundbar Review: Immersive Audio

The LG S95TR offers a comprehensive range of performance features necessary for a home theater experience. Incorporating surround sound and spatial audio, it brings convenience in the form of a soundbar. However, the LED display is notably basic, and accessing certain features mandates the use of LG’s control app.



Exploring the LG S95TR Soundbar: A Brief Overview

Let’s dive right in: The LG S95TR presents an exceptional soundbar option. Arguably, it stands out as one of the top choices currently available. Additionally, its integration with select LG TVs offers a noteworthy first-party feature set, though we’ll only touch on this briefly.

In essence, finding faults with the LG S95TR proves challenging. Any imperfections, aside from its steep price point, stem from the simplicity of its LED display or the necessity to access certain features through the accompanying app. For instance, activating the “Night Time” mode via the phone may pose a slight inconvenience. (Yet, LG TV owners can conveniently access this function through the onscreen menu using the TV’s remote control.)

Nonetheless, the advantages of this soundbar far outweigh any drawbacks. Despite being a 9.1.5-channel system, both setup and calibration, especially with multiple units, are remarkably straightforward. Moreover, its feature set rivals that of the finest Dolby Atmos soundbars. Of course, all these features pale in comparison if the sound quality disappoints. However, the LG S95TR excels in this aspect as well, offering immersive, captivating, and compelling audio.

Considering its price tag of $1,499 / AU$1,699 (approximately £1,200), the LG S95TR stands competitively against its counterparts. Comparatively, investing in a separate Dolby Atmos speaker system alongside a top-tier AV receiver would incur even higher costs. Hence, despite its premium price, the S95TR’s value appears justifiable when placed in context.

Determining whether the LG S95TR suits your preferences hinges on your specific requirements. If your space or setup is modest, this system might be excessive for your needs. Alternatively, a more budget-friendly option might suffice. However, if you seek the blend of convenience offered by a soundbar system with the immersive performance of a genuine home theater speaker setup, the LG S95TR proves an excellent choice.

LG S95TR Soundbar Review: Pricing and Availability

LG S95TR Soundbar Review: Pricing and Availability

The LG S95TR made its debut in March 2024, initially hitting the markets in the US and Australia. Priced at $1,499.99 in the US and AU$1,699.01 in Australia (approximately £1,200), it’s a recent addition to LG’s 2024 AV lineup.

Despite its novelty, the LG S95TR has yet to reach the UK market, where its predecessor, the S95QR, remains available for £1,699. However, for consumers in the US and Australia, the S95TR became accessible in May 2024.

Considering its 9.1.5-channel configuration, the LG S95TR’s price appears reasonable, especially when compared to the cost of assembling a traditional home theater system with multiple speakers, a subwoofer, and an AV receiver. This affordability is particularly evident when factoring in the additional expense of acquiring upward-firing Dolby Atmos speakers.

LG S95TR Soundbar Review: Exploring Features

LG S95TR Soundbar Review: Exploring Features

Let’s delve into the distinctive features of the LG S95TR:

Specific Features for LG TVsWOW Orchestra, WOW Interface, WOWCAST (for LG B4, LG C4, and LG G4 Series OLED TVs)
Wireless ConnectivityRear speakers and subwoofer pair wirelessly with the soundbar, reducing visible cables
Immersive Surround SoundFive upward-firing speakers for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X soundtracks, offering room-filling audio
Stereo Content EnhancementStereo content can be enjoyed in surround sound, enhancing the overall audio experience
Streaming and Voice ControlWi-Fi streaming for high-quality audio, voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant
Advanced AI Room CalibrationAutomatically adjusts sound projection based on speaker placement, enhancing audio performance
Night Time ModeReduces audio peaks and flattens sound for quieter late-night viewing, accessible through the app or LG TV menu

For LG TV owners, the S95TR offers tailored features like WOW Orchestra, WOW Interface, and WOWCAST, enhancing the integration between TV and soundbar. Even without an LG TV, the S95TR impresses with its wireless connectivity, ensuring a clutter-free setup.

Furthermore, its immersive surround sound capabilities, stereo content enhancement, and advanced AI room calibration contribute to an exceptional audio experience. Additionally, features like Wi-Fi streaming and voice control add convenience and versatility to the user experience.

Notably, the Night Time mode provides a quieter viewing experience during late-night sessions, catering to those concerned about disturbing others. With a range of innovative features, the LG S95TR soundbar elevates home entertainment to new heights.

LG S95TR Soundbar Review: Performance Evaluation

LG S95TR Soundbar Review: Performance Evaluation

Let’s examine the performance of the LG S95TR soundbar:

Performance FeaturesDetails
Sound QualityClear sound, maintains clarity even at low volume
Dolby Atmos ImmersionProvides excellent immersion, particularly noteworthy during movie playback
Power OutputWith 810 watts of power, the LG S95TR delivers ample volume without sacrificing sound quality
Audio Modes and TestingVarious audio modes, including AI room calibration, tested across a range of content types
Cinema Mode ExperienceEnhanced bass response in Cinema mode, delivering rumble without sacrificing clarity
Lower Volume PerformanceRemarkable performance at lower volumes, maintaining even sound reproduction and clarity
Surround Sound and Dolby AtmosRobust surround sound capabilities, offering immersive experiences with clear spatial dimension
Night Time ModeEffective compression of audio in Night Time mode, ensuring audibility without disturbing others
Stereo Up-mixing for MusicEngaging stereo up-mixing for music playback, utilizing all speaker drivers for an immersive experience
Frequency ResponseSlightly forward mid-range response, suitable for enhanced audio in movies, TV shows, and games

During testing, the LG S95TR excelled across various scenarios, from movie playback to music listening. Its Dolby Atmos immersion and power output impressed, while its clear sound quality remained consistent even at lower volumes.

Additionally, the system’s surround capabilities and night-time mode effectiveness further enhance the viewing experience, ensuring clarity and immersion without disruption. With a slight emphasis on the mid-range, the LG S95TR delivers a balanced profile, ideal for a wide range of audio content.

LG S95TR Soundbar: Design Overview

LG S95TR Soundbar: Design Overview

Let’s delve into the design aspects of the LG S95TR:

Design FeaturesDetails
Aesthetic AppearanceMatte black finish with discreet wireless subwoofer and rear speakers, blending seamlessly into any environment
LED IndicatorsLimited information provided by LED lights, lacking clarity on settings and modes
Remote ControlMany features are accessible only through the LG control app, requiring additional steps for adjustment and configuration
App-Based ControlsMany features accessible only through the LG control app, requiring additional steps for adjustment and configuration
Port SelectionMinimal port selection, including two HDMI ports (one with eARC), a USB port, and an optical digital input
HDMI Port CapabilitiesHDMI ports support 4K 120Hz and HDR10 passthrough, catering to the needs of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X gamers

In terms of design, the LG S95TR adopts a discreet and mostly wireless approach, ensuring seamless integration into any space. While its aesthetic may not be groundbreaking, its functionality shines through.

However, concerns arise regarding the limited information provided by the LED indicators, leaving users in the dark about various settings and modes. Similarly, the remote control lacks clarity, necessitating reliance on the LG control app for comprehensive control.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the LG S95TR offers a streamlined user experience with its minimalistic port selection and HDMI port capabilities, catering to the demands of modern gaming consoles. Overall, while not without its flaws, the design of the LG S95TR strikes a balance between simplicity and functionality.

LG S95TR Soundbar Review: Immersive Audio & Convenience

LG S95TR Soundbar Review: Setup and Usability

Let’s explore the setup process and usability of the LG S95TR:

Setup & Usability FeaturesDetails
PackagingWell-packaged system, ensuring components are secure and protected during transit
Setup ProcessQuick and straightforward setup, with clear instructions provided in the manual
Speaker PlacementRear speakers require careful placement as per the manual’s instructions, ensuring optimal audio performance
Initial Configuration PromptThe ability to customize sound settings per speaker adds versatility and personalization to the audio experience
System ConfigurationSetting up the system takes minimal time, typically around five to ten minutes, offering convenience and ease of use
Remote Control and App IntegrationSeamless integration with TV remote for volume control, intuitive app interface for adjusting settings and features
Custom Sound SettingsAbility to customize sound settings per speaker adds versatility and personalization to the audio experience

Upon unboxing, the LG S95TR impresses with its well-packaged components, ensuring a secure and hassle-free setup experience. Despite its size, the setup process is quick and straightforward, thanks to clear instructions provided in the manual.

During setup, the soundbar provides helpful prompts, such as voice announcements for correct speaker placement, enhancing accuracy. Once configured, using the system is effortless, with convenient features like a TV remote volume control and an intuitive app interface for adjusting settings.

LG S95TR Soundbar Review: Value Assessment

Moreover, the ability to customize sound settings per speaker adds versatility and personalization to the audio experience, catering to individual preferences. Overall, the setup and usability of the LG S95TR exemplify convenience and user-friendliness.

LG S95TR Soundbar Review: Value Assessment

Let’s evaluate the value proposition of the LG S95TR:

Value ConsiderationsDetails
Price PointAlthough pricey, the LG S95TR offers a 9.1.5-channel system, providing enhanced audio immersion and dimension
Competition ComparisonFaces stiff competition from high-end brands like Samsung and JBL, offering comparable features at varying prices
Alternative OptionsConsideration of standalone soundbars like Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar for a more budget-friendly option
High-End Home Theater ExperienceFor those seeking a complete home theater experience, the LG S95TR offers compelling features at a premium price
Comparison with CompetitorsCompetitors like Samsung HW-Q990D and JBL Bar 1300X offer similar features at comparable or slightly higher prices

While the LG S95TR commands a premium price, it delivers exceptional value with its comprehensive 9.1.5-channel system, catering to audiophiles seeking immersive audio experiences.

However, consumers have alternatives such as standalone soundbars like the Bose Smart Ultra Soundbar, offering a more budget-friendly option without compromising on quality. Additionally, high-end competitors like Samsung HW-Q990D and JBL Bar 1300X present formidable options with comparable features at similar price points.

Ultimately, the value of the LG S95TR lies in its ability to provide a complete home theater experience, albeit at a higher cost compared to its competitors.

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