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Tranya Nova Earbuds Review: Specs, Sound, Design, and Value

In assessing the Tranya Nova true wireless earbuds, it becomes evident that they offer reliability, impressive sound quality, and a comfortable fit. Furthermore, they present the fundamental features one would expect, all at an affordable price point. Nevertheless, in this fiercely competitive market segment, the Nova earbuds struggle to distinguish themselves from counterparts boasting similar price tags and specifications.


  • Reliability
  • Impressive battery life
  • Exceptionally comfortable fit
  • Effective Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and sound quality


  • Slightly inexpensive feel
  • Sound quality falls short of audiophile standards
  • Abundance of comparable alternatives available
Tranya Nova: Affordable Noise-Canceling Earbuds

Tranya Nova: Affordable Noise-Canceling Earbuds

Tranya, a relatively new player in the audio tech industry, has introduced a variety of true wireless and sports earbuds over the years. Their latest flagship offering, the Tranya Nova, aims to provide an exceptional and immersive listening experience without breaking the bank.

In my testing, I found that the Tranya Nova does deliver on its promise. While they may not reach audiophile-grade quality and are somewhat limited in features compared to their higher-priced competitors, they manage to cover all the essentials effectively. The audio quality is good, the noise cancellation impresses considering the price, the fit is comfortable, and the battery life outperforms most rivals. Although the appearance of the buds may lean towards a more modest design, they remain unobtrusive and minimalistic.

However, the challenge for the Tranya Nova lies in their entry into a crowded market. Not only is there an abundance of top-tier true wireless earbuds available today, but there are also numerous options targeting the same price range that falls between budget and mid-range.

This doesn’t diminish the fact that the Tranya Nova remains a reliable choice for those seeking affordable true wireless earbuds. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that you’ll encounter several other alternatives offering improved features, slightly enhanced specifications, and possibly even a more competitive price point.

Tranya Nova Review: Price, Release Date, and Specs

Tranya Nova Review: Price, Release Date, and Specs

Price and Release Date

  • Released in June 2023
  • Priced at $79.99 / £79.99 (Official Tranya website lists $99)

The Tranya Nova earbuds hit the market in June 2023, available for $79.99 / £79.99. Interestingly, the Tranya website lists them at $99, though they consistently appear at $79.99 / £79.99 on Amazon.

For under $80 / £80, the Tranya Nova can be categorized as budget true wireless earbuds, bordering on the mid-range segment. This price range is packed with competition. Our budget wireless earbuds guide features similar options, like the EarFun Air Pro 3, also priced at $79 / £79.

There are even more affordable alternatives like the JLab Go Air Pop, retailing at $20 / £20, but they may not match the audio quality. On the higher end of the budget spectrum, you’ll find the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus, priced at $139.95 / £119.95, known for exceptional audio quality.

In essence, this category of earbuds is fiercely competitive, often requiring trade-offs between features and sound quality for affordability.


  • Battery: 9 hours (buds), 36 hours (case)
  • Drivers: 12mm dynamic drivers
  • Microphones: 6 mic system
  • Bluetooth: 5.3
  • Waterproof: IPX5
  • Weight: 167g
Tranya Nova Review: Impressive Features

Tranya Nova Review: Impressive Features

The Tranya Nova earbuds may not overflow with features, but they offer everything you’d desire in budget earbuds.

The user-friendly app is a standout, granting control over EQ settings with presets and custom profiles. On-bud touch controls are also customizable, offering functions like play-pause, volume, track navigation, voice assistant, game mode, and ANC mode.

The app additionally provides insights into battery levels, facilitates toggling between three ANC modes (on, off, and ambient sound), and boasts a game mode with 40ms low latency.

A notable inclusion uncommon in budget earbuds is multi-point pairing. This feature performed admirably, enabling seamless transitions between audio sources like laptops and iPhones.

Battery life impresses in this category, offering a total of 36 hours with the charging case and nine hours from the buds themselves. For context, the JBL Live Pro 2, a comparable option, provides 10 hours from the buds and 30 from the case. Meanwhile, other budget earbuds like the Sony WF-C700N offer seven and a half hours from the buds and 15 from the case.

Tranya Nova’s feature set earns a commendable 4/5 rating.

Tranya Nova Review: Sound Quality Assessment

Tranya Nova Review: Sound Quality Assessment

Evaluating the audio performance of the Tranya Nova earbuds reveals notable aspects:

  • Solid bass presence
  • Decent call quality
  • An immersive listening experience

Approaching budget earbuds, I maintain modest expectations. Nevertheless, the Tranya Nova pleasantly surprised me given their price point.

The bass, while occasionally muddled with bass-heavy tracks, held its own. Listening to “No One Loves Me and Neither Do I” by Them Crooked Vultures, known for its robust bass, was an enjoyable experience with these earbuds. Vocals and highs sounded crisp, avoiding the tinny quality often associated with similar buds.

There’s a commendable balance across the sound spectrum, and the soundstage is surprisingly expansive for the price, though it can get slightly muddy at high volumes. Audiophiles may seek greater clarity, detail, and richness, which typically demand a higher budget or earbuds with exceptional audio, like the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Plus.

For most users, especially with the option to tweak the EQ in the app, these earbuds will suffice.

Considering their budget status, the noise-cancelling capabilities are relatively impressive. This owes partly to a secure fit from the ear tips (more on that later). While not entirely blocking out street noises or nearby laughter in a café, they effectively eliminate ambient traffic sounds and the gentle hum of a fan, which aligns with expectations at this price range.

Sound Quality Rating: 3.5/5

Tranya Nova Review: Design Evaluation

Tranya Nova Review: Design Evaluation

The Tranya Nova earbuds embrace simplicity and functionality:

  • Lightweight with a plastic build
  • Comfortable, though not the most
  • IPX5 waterproof rating

In terms of aesthetics, the Tranya Nova adheres to the common stem design trend popularized by Apple’s AirPods. Unlike some other stem earbuds, these strike a balance, not protruding excessively from the ears.

Constructed from plastic, they exhibit a budget-friendly feel while remaining lightweight—a feature I appreciate. Rather than the usual black, they sport a distinctive ‘midnight’ deep blue hue.

Three ear tip options are included, with the smallest offering a snug fit, enhancing the effectiveness of the active noise cancellation (ANC). After prolonged use, like many earbuds in this price range, they may become slightly discomforting, though this is expected.

The IPX5 waterproof rating makes them suitable for sweaty workouts. During windy jogging sessions, their comfort and stability held up admirably.

The compact, glossy charging case follows the conventional pill-box design. However, the high-shine exterior is prone to fingerprint smudges, a minor inconvenience.

Design Rating: 4/5

Tranya Nova Review: Value Assessment

Tranya Nova Review: Value Assessment

In terms of value, the Tranya Nova earbuds impress:

  • Great value for specs and features offered
  • Competitive pricing in comparison to rivals
  • A reliable choice in the budget category

Considering the range of features and specs these earbuds offer, along with their solid performance and battery life, they deliver exceptional value. Personally, I enjoyed using them.

Despite stiff competition with similar-priced alternatives, these earbuds hold their ground as a dependable choice that should satisfy most users. They’re particularly appealing to budget-conscious individuals, first-time true wireless users, or those who prioritize functionality over audiophile-grade sound.

Value Rating: 5/5



FeaturesMulti-point pairing, a versatile EQ in the app, and excellent battery life.4/5
Sound qualityGood bass, decent call quality, providing an immersive listening experience.3.5/5
DesignLightweight with a plasticky feel, yet comfortable.4/5
ValueA dependable choice in the budget category.5/5

Buy them if…

  • You seek reliability.
  • You desire all essential features – ANC, good sound, impressive battery life, and comfort.
  • You’re budget-conscious, as they offer great value at $79 / £79.
  • You have small ears, as the smallest ear tips fit exceptionally well.

Don’t buy them if…

  • You require top-tier features.
  • You demand exceptional sound quality, as a higher budget is needed for an immersive audio experience.
  • You prefer a premium look and feel, which is not common at this price point.

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