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Apple Watch Ultra: 3 Unexpected Surprises

In April 2015

The first Apple Watch (later known as Series 0) was released, but I was initially skeptical. However, a few months later, I caved in and purchased an Apple Watch to replace my old Fitbit. Since then, I have been steadfastly committed to it.

I used my first Apple Watch for several years before upgrading to an Apple Watch Series 3. The price drop convinced me to make the purchase.

In 2019

Apple introduced the game-changing Apple Watch Series 5 with its always-on display. Intrigued, I opted for the titanium version, and it has remained in excellent condition over the past three years.

Although my Apple Watch Series 5 served its purpose, it has begun to show signs of wear and tear, reaching its limit. Initially, I planned to stick with it until Apple introduced non-intrusive blood glucose monitoring or until it stopped working entirely. However, an unexpected opportunity arose when I received an Apple Watch Ultra as a gift. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

3 Surprising Ways the Apple Watch Ultra Exceeded My Expectations
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In the autumn of 2022

Apple’s announcement of the Apple Watch Ultra created a significant buzz. After years of rumors and speculation, Apple had finally delivered a rugged smartwatch. With a distinct appearance and added features tailored for extreme activities or enhanced battery life, it stood apart from the mainline Apple Watch Series 8. Although the larger size of 49mm made it less appealing to me, I found its design and the intriguing Action button appealing.

I decided to upgrade from my Apple Watch Series 5 to the Apple Watch Ultra, which offered a more substantial improvement than the Series 8. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and surprisingly, I have no regrets about transitioning from the smaller Apple Watches to the “big boi,” despite having no immediate plans for diving or mountain climbing.

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Unleashing the Power of Extended Battery Life with Apple Watch Ultra

From Battery Woes to Endurance Bliss: Embracing the Upgrade from Apple Watch Series 5

Having an Apple Watch that lasts more than a day has been a game-changer for me. With my older Series 5, the battery became a major concern over the years, especially after recent watchOS updates.

Previously, I would end the day with a mere 10% to 20% battery remaining, and by 6 p.m., I had to recharge to prevent it from dying before dinner. If I engaged in a 30-minute workout, the battery would drain even faster. In essence, I had to recharge my Apple Watch Series 5 halfway through the day just to keep it running until bedtime.

From Battery Woes to Endurance Bliss: Embracing the Upgrade from Apple Watch Series 5
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Uninterrupted Usage: Embracing a Full Day of Activity with Apple Watch Ultra

However, with the Apple Watch Ultra, I can now comfortably make it through an entire day and still have ample battery life for the next day. I no longer fret about charging my watch during dinner—it’s truly amazing. Remarkably, I haven’t even tried using Low Power mode on the Apple Watch Ultra. I’ve been using it normally and consistently end the day with 40% to 50% battery remaining.

Optimized Charging: Maximizing Battery Life and Daily Habits

You might think that’s a lot of battery left, but it’s not. As a creature of habit, it’s challenging for me to break the routine of charging my Apple Watch every night. Hence, my Apple Watch Ultra has learned my charging patterns and enabled Optimized Battery Charging. This feature limits the charging level to around 80% when I charge it daily.

So, when I go to bed with 40% to 50% battery, I’ve only consumed approximately 30% to 40% of the actual charge. This includes recording multiple workouts throughout the day, which previously would have required at least one additional charge with my old Series 5.

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Reaping the Benefits: Enhanced Battery Life with Apple Watch Ultra

The remarkable battery life is the primary reason why I’m thoroughly enjoying my transition from the Series 5 to the Apple Watch Ultra. Initially, I believed I could continue using the Series 5 for a while longer. After all, charging it doesn’t take much time, right? But I was mistaken—no longer worrying about battery life with the Apple Watch Ultra has been an absolute blessing.

Enhancing the Apple Watch Ultra Experience: The Handy Action Button

Introducing the Action Button: A Notable Design Change

When the Apple Watch Ultra was unveiled, the introduction of the Action button caught my attention as a notable design change. Although I have some reservations about its current limitations, there’s no denying its usefulness as one of the handiest features on the wearable.

Streamlining Workouts and Complication Management

With my previous Apple Watch Series 5, I customized a California watch face with five complications. However, since I prioritize daily workouts, I allocated one complication spot for the Workout app as a shortcut. Unfortunately, this meant sacrificing space for other informative complications, which was far from ideal.

Streamlining Workouts and Complication Management

The Game-Changing Action Button

The game changed with the Action button. I configured it to open the Workouts app, freeing up a complication slot on my watch face for other purposes. Pressing the button to launch Workouts and select my desired workout has streamlined my fitness routine. When glancing at my Apple Watch, I primarily seek time or relevant information—a passive action. I don’t always want to interact with it unless necessary.

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Maximizing Convenience: Customizing the Action Button

Currently, I could further simplify my life by setting the Action button to start a specific workout without needing to look at the screen. However, since I engage in various types of workouts, this approach wouldn’t be suitable. Therefore, I have it configured to launch the Workouts app.

Unlocking an Enhanced Experience

Despite the existing limitations, the Action button adds another compelling dimension to the Apple Watch Ultra experience, affirming the value of upgrading from my Series 5.

Embracing the Benefits of a Larger Display: Apple Watch Ultra Experience

Breaking Free from Size Stereotypes: Small Wrists and Bold Choices

For years, I’ve opted for the smallest case size when purchasing an Apple Watch. Being mindful of my small wrists, I believed that a larger size would look disproportionate on me, particularly as a female. I assumed that the smaller display didn’t hinder my experience much, sticking to what I considered essential complications on my watch faces.

Breaking Free from Size Stereotypes: Small Wrists and Bold Choices
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Unexpected Delights: Unleashing the Power of a Large Display

Oh, how mistaken I was. Since acquiring the Apple Watch Ultra, I’ve wholeheartedly embraced the joy of having a sizable display. Not only is it easier for me to read content on the 49mm screen, but I can also view more information at once. I underestimated the impact it would have, but it truly does make a difference. Moreover, the additional room for complications on certain watch faces allows me to access more information with a simple flick of my wrist.

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Navigating Physical Challenges: Balancing Size and Comfort

Of course, physically, the Apple Watch Ultra still appears substantial on my small wrist. When wearing it with the Alpine Loop band provided, the edges of the Ultra extended beyond my wrist due to the band’s design. However, after switching back to a Pride Sport Band, it fits snugly on my wrist without hanging off the edges.

Navigating Physical Challenges: Balancing Size and Comfort
image credit: Apple /

A New Perspective: Embracing the Apple Watch Ultra

After wearing the Apple Watch Ultra for a few weeks, I no longer notice its size. Surprisingly, I didn’t anticipate enjoying the largest Apple Watch variant, but now that I’ve grown accustomed to it, there’s no convincing me to return to a smaller size.

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