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Arm Unveils Neoverse V3 and N3 CPUs: Revolutionizing Computing Landscape

Arm has unveiled its long-awaited third-generation Neoverse CPU cores: the Neoverse V3 and Neoverse N3, alongside the Neoverse E3 tailored for edge computing and low-power applications.

The Neoverse V3, Arm’s pinnacle CPU core yet, adopts the Armv9-A (v9.2) ISA and integrates a 1MB/2MB/3MB L2 cache with ECC capability. According to Arm’s assessments, a simulated 32-core Neoverse V3 demonstrates a 9% – 16% performance boost compared to its predecessor, the Neoverse V2, in typical server workloads.

Remarkably, in AI data analytics, the Neoverse V3 processor showcases an impressive 84% performance surge over its predecessor. However, it’s essential to note that the Neoverse V2 remains formidable in its own right. For instance, NVIDIA’s Grace CPU harnesses 72 Arm Neoverse V2 CPU cores to achieve superior per-thread performance.

Neoverse V3 and N3 CPUs
Image: Arm

Neoverse V3 CSS and Neoverse N3: Arm’s Latest Innovations

Arm introduces Neoverse CSS, comprehensive platforms integrating key components for SoC development, facilitating custom solutions.

Neoverse V3 CSS, the inaugural CSS product for the V-series, reportedly achieves a remarkable 50% performance-per-socket enhancement over CSS N2.

Featuring 64 Neoverse V3 cores, Neoverse V3 CSS integrates a memory subsystem supporting 12-channel DDR5/LPDDR5 and HBM memory, 64 PCIe Gen5 lanes with CXL support, and scalability up to 128 cores per socket.

Additionally, Arm launches Neoverse N3, leveraging Armv9.2 architecture for general-purpose CPU instances and infrastructure applications, balancing performance and power efficiency.

Arm Unveils Neoverse V3 and N3 CPUs: Revolutionizing Computing Landscape

According to Arm, a simulated 32-core Neoverse N3 processor outperforms its N2 counterpart by 9% to 30% depending on the workload, with a substantial 196% improvement in AI data analytics.

With over 20 partners adopting Neoverse CSS, including Microsoft for its Cobalt 100 general-purpose server processor, Arm’s Total Design ecosystem continues to expand, attracting more companies to leverage these innovations.

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