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Assemble Debug Unveils Google’s Data Restore Tool

Android phone setup could soon be a breeze. Assemble Debug, an industry expert, recently explored Google’s Data Restore Tool’s code. He found hints of a possible tool, “MultiTransportD2dTransport”, and a phrase, “Copying using cable and Wi-Fi for fastest speed”.

This suggests Google might enable data transfer from an old phone to a new one using both Wi-Fi and cable. This could speed up the process significantly. However, the exact speed increase remains unknown as Assemble Debug found limited information.

Interestingly, he found another phrase: “Want to speed things up?” This implies users might have the option to choose the faster method or stick with the slower cable-only method.

Assemble Debug Unveils Google’s Data Restore Tool

A new feature, Restore Anytime, was also found in the Data Restore Tool files. This feature allows users to transfer photos, contacts, text messages, and more from an old Android phone to a new one without losing any data or needing a factory reset. It even works for iPhone to Android transfers, provided the iPhone’s charging cable is available.

However, there’s some confusion. Android Authority suggests that the donor phone can only send data without issues if it has already been used to transfer files to your current device. If you try to send files to a brand new device, you’ll need to erase all data on the recipient’s phone first. But, the article contradicts this by stating you can transfer data to new devices “at any point.”

This feature seems odd. Maybe Google is still defining the parameters for Restore Anytime, which could explain the confusion. Or perhaps, Google is just testing a technology it doesn’t plan to release. It’s unclear, but hopefully, Restore Anytime will be launched. It would be handy to transfer large amounts of data to new smartphones without any issues or resets.

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