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Fortnite OG Return 2024: Expect Classic Seasons & More!

Anticipate the Revival of Tilted Towers and More

The latest Fortnite season is underway, with hints of an Avatar: The Last Airbender collaboration. Anticipate new skins and Mythics soon.

Fortnite OG delighted players last year with revamped classic seasons weekly, leading to a surge in player counts. But when will it return?

Thankfully, Fortnite regularly updates, and OG is slated for a comeback in 2024. Details are scant, but news is expected soon.

Stay tuned for updates on Fortnite OG’s return, including official announcements, expectations, and a recap of its previous run.

When Is Fortnite OG Returning?

Fortnite OG is set to return in 2024, as announced in a post from last year. While the exact date remains unknown, expect updates soon. Stay tuned for further details.

For real-time updates leading up to the new season, follow the Fortnite Status X Twitter account. We’ll also keep this page updated.

Fortnite OG

What Is Fortnite OG?

Launched in November 2023, Fortnite OG reverted the game to its 2018 map, starting from Season 5. It reintroduced Tilted Towers, classic weapons, and OG skins. Epic Games progressed through seasons weekly until December 2, 2023. The OG version is set to return this year.

What We Hope For In Fortnite OG Season 2

Though official details are scarce, we have desires for Fortnite OG’s return. We wish for a rotation of classic seasons, particularly Season 5 with Tilted Towers.

We hope this revival lasts longer than before, considering the massive player interest. Perhaps Fortnite OG could become its mode, offering a classic experience alongside new seasons. However, this may divide the player base significantly.

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