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Google Launches Android Safe Browsing: Protecting Users from Malicious Links

Google introduces Android Safe Browsing, a feature for Android phones to detect harmful links and websites in supported apps.

A new Safe Browsing page, discovered by Android expert Mishaal Rahman, shows on some Android devices. It highlights supporting apps and explains how it protects users from phishing and malware.

If you click on a link in a trusted news app leading to a known phishing site, you’ll receive a warning before opening it. This allows users to assess the legitimacy of the link beforehand.

The feature includes “live threat protection,” promising more accurate threat detection. It’s unclear if this is automatically enabled or if users need to activate it.

The list of third-party apps supporting Android Safe Browsing isn’t fully disclosed yet. However, apps using the SafetyNet Safe Browsing API, integrated into Google Play services, likely support it.

According to reports, apps utilizing the Google SafetyNet Safe Browsing API can help conserve battery and bandwidth on Android devices. They also enhance security by restricting malicious actions by apps and websites.

Google Launches Android Safe Browsing: Protecting Users from Malicious Links

To access Safe Browsing:

Safe Browsing on Android shields users from malware and phishing threats encountered through various channels like third-party websites, emails, texts, or unknown app downloads.

No additional downloads are necessary; The feature comes with Google Play Services updates available through the Google Play Store. It’s currently observed on Pixel and Samsung devices, with a wider rollout anticipated for all supported Android devices.

Although still in the initial rollout stages, Nail Sadykov from the Google News Telegram channel spotted it in a beta version of Google Play Services in October 2023.

Mishaal Rahman predicts Google will offer more details as the rollout progresses. For users who’ve received the update, locate it in Settings > Security & privacy > More Security & privacy on Pixel devices and in Settings > Security & Privacy on Samsung Galaxy devices.

While we’re yet to experience the new Android Safe Browsing feature, we await its potential benefits eagerly.

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