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Google Pixel Users Encounter Sudden Keyboard Shrinkage: A Troubling Trend

Size matters and it’s a notable issue for Google Pixel users experiencing sudden keyboard shrinkage. On the r/GooglePixel subreddit, several users noted that Gboard – Google’s official Android virtual keyboard – suddenly shrinks or displays tiny fonts despite correct settings.

This keyboard mutation poses a significant challenge, especially for those who rely on touch typing. Tiny fonts render Gboard almost unusable unless you have exceptional vision.

One user suggested a fix: rotate the phone to landscape mode, wait for Gboard to appear, and then return to portrait mode. For some, the issue disappeared on its own after some time.

Even Google Pixel Fold users encountered the problem, with one reporting it resolved after an hour without any intervention.

Though not entirely surprising for Pixel users, this issue could become frustrating if persistent. At NewForTech, we haven’t experienced it, but if you do, you’re not alone.

A simple reboot might solve the problem, but ensure Gboard is configured correctly and your device is up to date. Check for updates in the Settings app under System.

If you’re considering a switch, explore the iPhone 15 Pro Max for an alternative.

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