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Google’s NotebookLM: AI Writing Assistant Upgrades & New Features

Google’s AI writing assistant, NotebookLM, transitions from its experimental phase to an official service with enhanced performance. Initially known as Project Tailwind during I/O 2023, this tool aims to streamline note organization by generating summaries, highlighting key topics, and formulating questions for better comprehension.

A noteworthy development accompanies the official release, as NotebookLM now operates on Gemini Pro, touted by the tech giant as its premier AI model capable of handling diverse tasks. Google asserts that this upgrade will elevate the service’s reasoning abilities and enhance its document comprehension.

Building on insights from a five-month testing phase, Google has incorporated user feedback, introducing 15 new features to enhance the overall user experience.

Key Features Unveiled

Key Features Unveiled

The company introduces five standout features, beginning with a “new noteboard space” for easy access to AI chat quotes or note excerpts. Citations now link directly to the source for an original context experience.

When highlighting text in the source, two options emerge instant AI text summarization or word/phrase definition. At the bottom, users receive diverse follow-up actions, from prose enhancement suggestions to relevant ideas. NotebookLM suggests specific content formats like email layouts or script outlines.

For a comprehensive list, refer to Google’s Help website. Additional features include expanded source word limits (now 200,000 words), notebook sharing akin to Google Docs, and PDF support.

Google's NotebookLM: AI Writing Assistant Upgrades & New Features

Upcoming Enhancements

Scheduled for the week of December 11, NotebookLM anticipates seven new features. Among them is a Critique function for AI-driven constructive feedback and a feature to amalgamate all notes into a single page.

Availability and Considerations

NotebookLM, accessible to U.S. users aged 18 and above on desktop and mobile, provides examples for a seamless introduction. Despite the official launch, Google deems NotebookLM as an “experimental” technology, acknowledging imperfections. No confirmation on international release plans as of now. Stay tuned for updates.

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