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Google’s Quick Share: Android’s Answer to AirDrop

Google has rolled out the Android version of Apple’s AirDrop feature to Pixel devices, a move announced at CES 2024. Formerly known as Nearby Share, now rebranded as Quick Share, it shares similarities with Samsung’s Quick Share.

Quick Share and its Samsung counterpart function much like AirDrop, facilitating swift file and photo exchanges between nearby devices. However, they were limited to devices using the same sharing system. For example, if you had a Samsung Galaxy phone and your friend owned a Google Pixel, file transfers required an alternative method.

At CES 2024, Google and Samsung unveiled the integration of Quick Share, allowing seamless file-sharing not only between Google and Samsung devices but also with other Nearby Share-compatible devices, such as Chromebooks and Android phones. This development positions Nearby Share / Quick Share as a genuine Android counterpart to AirDrop.

The future holds promise for expanding Quick Share to Windows machines, although no timeline has been indicated yet.

Pixel users are reporting Quick Share availability, hinting at an imminent wider release. Samsung and OnePlus users share screenshots of the new feature. While not visible on this writer’s Pixel 6, we’re anticipating the Android sharing system update.

In addition to Quick Share, Samsung phones anticipate the One UI 6.1 update. Expect lock screen widgets, enhanced battery protection settings, and impressive AI photo edits on Galaxy S24, Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Z Flip 5, and Galaxy Z Fold 5. Updates are on the way for Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 devices, although AI features will be exclusive to newer models.

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