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LG has exciting plans to roll out a webOS update program for various TVs, including OLED Flex, OLED Objet Collection Posé, and QNED Mini Led 8K, enhancing user experiences.

Every 2022 OLED TV model is set to receive the upgrade, offering personalized customization options. Users can tailor their smart TVs, selecting content like music streaming and video games through the proprietary Quick Card UI, akin to a smartphone interface.

LG WebOS Update: Personalized TV Experience

The screen interface features individual cards with a top banner, category tabs, hand-picked services, and curated content recommendation lists. Additionally, LG’s webOS update incorporates “advanced security technology” to safeguard users from potential threats.

While the official launch date for the “Re:New” program remains unknown, it is expected to commence in early 2024. LG is committed to ongoing support for webOS, promising continuous updates and revolutionary improvements in the customer experience until 2028 for 2024 webOS TVs.

LG has an exciting year ahead

Showcasing its 2024 OLED TV lineup, led by the wireless flagship, LG M4. The “Zero Connect box” eliminates cable clutter. Recently, LG unveiled DukeBox, a futuristic jukebox with an OLED screen, 360-degree speaker, and front-facing drivers.

Catch a glimpse of the OLED TV lineup, DukeBox, and more at CES 2024 from January 9 to 12.

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