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Microsoft’s Universal Print: Seamless macOS Integration

Microsoft aims to extend printing convenience to macOS users by expanding its Universal Print service. This integration streamlines printing for Apple users globally, marking a shift from its exclusive availability on Windows. Now, users can effortlessly print documents, files, and images from various apps.

macOS Universal Print Integration

The forthcoming integration of Universal Print with macOS promises a seamless printing experience for Apple users, akin to Windows. Microsoft emphasizes a minimal learning curve for users on both operating systems.

Subscription-Based Cloud Printing

Universal Print on macOS will retain a subscription-based model, operating exclusively on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. This structure caters particularly to enterprise and business users, facilitating printer sharing among a broader colleague base.

In-Development Preview and Launch Schedule

Although still in development, Microsoft plans to unveil a preview for Mac users in January 2024. The official launch is scheduled for June 2024, providing users ample time for testing and feedback.

Microsoft's Universal Print: Seamless macOS Integration

System Requirements

While specific macOS system requirements are unspecified, Windows 10 devices must have Office software version 1903 or later. Assuming a similar standard, recent Apple software versions should suffice.

Microsoft’s Printer Driver Policy

Simultaneously, Microsoft discontinued third-party printer driver support for Windows OS, affecting both Windows 10 and Windows 11. This implies a shift in responsibility for driver provision from printer manufacturers.

Unexpected HP App Installation

Recent incidents have left Windows 11 and 10 users perplexed as an unrequested HP Smart app installation occurred. This app, designed for HP printers or multifunction devices, was installed on non-HP PCs, raising concerns among users disconnected from HP printers.

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