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Minisforum Unveils UH185 Ultra: The Pinnacle of Mini PC Innovation at CES 2024

Minisforum, the renowned Chinese computer manufacturer, showcased an array of remarkable products at CES 2024. Noteworthy among them are the MS-01 mini workstation, the versatile V3 3-in-1 tablet, and the S100-N100, claiming the title of the world’s smallest POE mini computer.

Adding to the excitement, Minisforum introduced its flagship marvel, the UH185 Ultra, heralded as the company’s most potent mini PC to date. Powering this technological gem is the Intel Core Ultra 185H Meteor Lake processor, boasting 16 cores and 22 threads, achieving impressive speeds of up to 5.1GHz (with a standard 45w TDP).

What sets the UH185 Ultra apart is its integrated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) dedicated to AI tasks. Moreover, it houses an Intel Arc Xe-LPG integrated GPU equipped with 8 Xe-Cores, capable of reaching speeds of up to 2250MHz. This innovative combination positions the UH185 Ultra at the forefront of cutting-edge computing technology.

Boasting impressive connectivity

The UH185 Ultra stands out as the first mini PC to embrace dual 5G interfaces, featuring two 5G RJ45 network ports. Enhancing its versatility, the mini PC incorporates two full-speed USB4 interfaces supporting DP and Thunderbolt bridge, along with two DDR5 5600Mhz SODIMM slots, accommodating up to 96GB. Storage options are robust, with two M.2 PCIe4.0 ×4 SSDs and an SD card slot.

Accompanied by a vertical stand, the UH185 Ultra introduces a multifunctional touchscreen that provides at-a-glance information—time, date, temperature, and system stats for CPU, GPU, RAM, and SSD. However, it doesn’t support displaying Windows.

Adding to its appeal, the UH185 includes a 1080p webcam with a privacy-centric physical shutter. Although the webcam-screen synergy for video conferencing remains untested, it’s an intriguing possibility.

While details on pricing and availability are pending, anticipation builds as the UH185 Ultra is expected to open for pre-orders in the upcoming months.

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