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Modern Warfare 3 Fixes Underway: Sledgehammer Games Addresses Critical Issues

Sledgehammer Games is actively addressing an issue in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, where players face challenges in obtaining rewards for completed Daily Challenges.

As of November 13, users noticed glitches in the Daily Challenges feature, hindering proper tracking in multiplayer mode. Consequently, players are unable to claim rewards such as XP.

Modern Warfare 3 introduces Armory Unlocks, a crucial game mechanic for obtaining equipment, weapons, and access to new Killstreaks. Given its direct connection to Daily Challenges, this issue significantly impacts the multiplayer experience.

The development team is diligently working on a fix to restore the seamless functionality of Daily Challenges and ensure players can enjoy the full range of rewards tied to Armory Unlocks.

Modern Warfare 3 Fixes Underway: Sledgehammer Games Addresses Critical Issues

The problem gained attention on Twitter,

where Sledgehammer Games affirmed its commitment to resolving it promptly. Encouraging player input, they urge users to report similar issues for thorough addressing.

In the same Twitter thread, Sledgehammer Games outlined other concerns on their radar. This includes fixes for bugs like EOD Padding failing to mitigate explosive damage and issues with the Hijacked IFF Stobe Gear causing randomized loadouts.

Moreover, the Remote Turret is temporarily disabled due to an exploit granting unfair advantages. An upcoming update aims to “significantly decrease” the delay in Tac-Sprint regeneration post-slide.

Following its launch last week, Modern Warfare 3 received a critical two-star review from our Editor-in-Chief Jake Tucker. Describing it as a “mediocre half-sequel,” he points out that the game “misses more than it hits,” with a campaign and multiplayer that fall short compared to the rest of the reimagined Modern Warfare trilogy, despite a potentially enjoyable Zombies mode.

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