New Features Coming: Android Now Supports Message Editing

Message Editing for Android Users

Most iPhone owners know they can edit a bad text message within 15 minutes. Now, Android users can do the same when sending messages via Google Messages and RCS. Starting today, Google is rolling out several new features for Android, including text message editing, new Google Home features, and improvements for Wear OS.

How Text Message Editing Works

Similar to iPhone’s iMessage, Google Messages will now allow you to edit sent messages within 15 minutes if they use RCS. RCS support depends on your phone and wireless carrier. Messages sent from Android to iPhone still use the older SMS or MMS technology.

Google Messages Edit Option

Edit Timeframe15 minutes
TechnologyRCS (depends on phone and carrier)

Enhanced Google Home Control

New Features Coming: Android Now Supports Message Editing

Google is also adding new ways to control Google Home. A new Google Home Favorites widget can control your favorite smart devices. Initially available in the Android 15 Public Preview, it will eventually roll out to all Android phones.

Wear OS Improvements

The latest Wear OS smartwatches will also have enhanced Google Home control. Google is adding a Google Home Favorite tile to the Wear OS interface, and users can add a Google Home Favorite complication to their watch face. These additions aim to make controlling smart devices like lights and thermostats more user-friendly.

Secure Payments with Google Wallet

In the US and Germany, Google Wallet on Wear OS will support secure payments with PayPal. Users can make payments through Google Wallet with a tap of their wrist.

More Features to Enhance Google Device Integration

Google is expanding its digital car key capabilities. Digital car keys will be available for Mercedes cars on June 10 and for Polestar around June 17, after Mini introduced them earlier this month in the EU and US.

Emoji Kitchen Updates

For Emoji enthusiasts, Google is adding more combinations to the popular Emoji Kitchen feature. Users can combine multiple emojis to create scenes, with new combinations including headphones and a disco ball.

Improved Mobile Hotspot Sharing

Google is making it easier to share your mobile hotspot between devices on your Google account. Android tablets and Chromebooks can now instantly share your phone’s hotspot with a single tap, a feature already available on iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices.

Availability and Future Prospects

These features are available now, so you can start editing messages sent to Android friends immediately. Eventually, similar features might come to Apple’s iMessage, as Apple announced support for RCS messaging last year. However, it remains to be seen if Apple will allow Android users to edit messages sent to iMessage accounts.

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