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Rabbit r1: AI Revolution in Smartphone Interfaces Unveiled at CES 2024

At CES 2024, Rabbit Inc., a California-based startup, unveiled its groundbreaking Rabbit r1 mobile device, aiming to revolutionize smartphone user interfaces through artificial intelligence.

But, before delving into its functionalities, let’s take a moment to review a recent keynote video by CEO Jesse Lyu. According to Lyu, contemporary smartphone interfaces lack intuitiveness due to numerous apps that operate independently. Expressing dissatisfaction with the need to switch between apps for simple tasks, Lyu and Rabbit Inc. envisioned a solution – the r1.

In essence, the Rabbit r1 seeks to streamline user experiences by automating various processes, addressing the challenges presented by disjointed app interactions.

Rabbit r1: AI Revolution in Smartphone Interfaces Unveiled at CES 2024

Unleashing the Power of Rabbit r1

Discover the Rabbit r1’s powerhouse— the Large Action Model (LAM). This AI marvel learns user-app interactions, mimicking behavior seamlessly without requiring an extra API. This innovation is the backbone of Rabbit Inc.’s exclusive rabbit OS.

With rabbit OS, users effortlessly craft voice-command-driven ‘rabbits,’ akin to Google Assistant. Unlike competitors, Rabbit’s gadget executes all tasks through a unified interface—no app hopping or tedious logins.

Consider this: envision the r1 handling your grocery shopping. Record the app navigation once, and voila! Next time, summon the r1, hit the button, and verbally instruct it to repeat the grocery shopping sequence. Simple and effective.

Notably, your custom scripts can be shared and monetized through the upcoming Rabbit Hole store, adding an exciting dimension to this technological leap.

Hardware and Features in the Tech Landscape

Let’s delve into the hardware of the Rabbit r1—a petite device, about the size of Post-it notes, weighing 115g. Boasting a 2.88-inch touchscreen, a push-to-talk button, and a navigation scroll wheel, it’s equipped for versatility. Powering the device is a robust 2.3GHz MediaTek Helio P35 processor and an ‘all-day’ battery. Notably, it features an AI-driven rotating camera and supports cellular connectivity.

Currently available for pre-order in Luminous Orange, the Rabbit r1 is priced at $200, sans additional monthly fees. It seamlessly interacts with music, rideshare, and shopping apps. US orders ship in late March, while international orders follow later in the year, with no precise date provided.

In essence, the Rabbit r1 presents itself as a sleek, AI-centric smartphone. The $200 price tag prompts curiosity about its competition with tech giants—will it hold its ground or be perceived as a mere novelty? Only time will reveal its standing in the market.

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