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Samsung Galaxy S24 AI Leak: Live Translation, ‘Nightography’ Zoom, and Generative Edit Unveiled

As we approach the anticipated launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 on January 17, 2024, leaks and rumors about its features continue to surface. @MysteryLupin, a reliable source via 9to5Google, has shared insights into the AI capabilities expected in the Galaxy S24 series.

Samsung Galaxy S24 AI Leak: Live Translation, 'Nightography' Zoom, and Generative Edit Unveiled

Among these features is live translation embedded in the Phone app, facilitating seamless communication across languages. Additionally, a ‘nightography’ zoom feature is highlighted, enhancing image processing for low-light conditions, and ensuring clearer details even when zooming from a distance.

The leaked information also mentions a generative edit feature reminiscent of Google Photos’ Magic Editor on specific Pixel phones. This feature allows for object removal and filling in blank spaces with a simple tap.

As we eagerly await the Galaxy S24 launch, these leaked AI features promise an exciting and innovative smartphone experience.

Exploring AI

From the promotional materials, it seems high-end models like the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus and S24 Ultra may exclusively boast these AI features, but confirmation awaits.

Google’s recent Pixel phones showcase AI wonders, and Samsung aims to stay competitive in the smartphone AI game.

Persistent rumors hint at AI being a major draw for the Samsung Galaxy S24, with leaks mentioning features like an advanced audio recorder capable of transcribing speech from 10 different voices.

This leak sheds light on the phones’ capabilities, and next month, Samsung’s official announcement will provide a comprehensive overview. The enhancements may extend beyond AI features, promising an exciting upgrade.

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