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Samsung Galaxy S24: Custom Snapdragon Chips & Qualcomm Partnership

As we await the Samsung Galaxy S24 unveiling in a few months, leaks and rumors persist. The latest updates, according to The Elec via 9to5Google, revolve around the chipsets powering these smartphones.

Reportedly, Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon has confirmed that Qualcomm will supply chipsets for the majority of the upcoming Galaxy S24 models. It suggests the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 will feature in most, while others might incorporate Samsung Exynos 2400 chips. Interestingly, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s top-end model is set to exclusively use Qualcomm processors.

In the previous Galaxy S series, Samsung employed a blend of Snapdragon and Exynos chips. However, the Galaxy S23 range exclusively featured Qualcomm silicon. This year, Samsung is poised to reintroduce its processors, possibly targeting European markets, as previously speculated.

Samsung Galaxy S24: Custom Snapdragon Chips & Qualcomm Partnership

Custom Chip Details

Furthermore, let’s delve into the possibility of custom Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chips for the Galaxy S24 phones. According to tipster Yogesh Brar, a ‘for Galaxy’ variant might emerge, with a potential ‘Plus’ version for other manufacturers in 2024.

In this unique chip, the primary core is overclocked, while the two performance core clusters and efficiency core clusters are slightly underclocked, an intriguing configuration. The emphasis appears to be on enhancing AI performance, a key feature in the upcoming Galaxy S24 series.

This collaboration between Qualcomm and Samsung mirrors the approach taken with the Galaxy S23 phones this year. All details are anticipated to surface early next year, with leaks hinting at a January 17 launch date for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

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