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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Durability Issues Surface, Contrary to Expectations

The new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra seems prone to breakage compared to the older S23 Ultra, making returns difficult if it develops issues. In a test by Allstate Protection Plans, dropping all models from 6 feet resulted in shattered screens and loose glass. The S24 Ultra suffered the most damage, worse than the S23 Ultra. Surprisingly, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 proved most resistant, despite its folding design. This contrasts with the S24 Ultra’s upgraded features like Corning Gorilla Armor and a titanium frame, expected to enhance durability.

Exploring Titanium Strength

Zack Nelson, from JerryRigEverything, initially tested the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra’s durability, noting improved resilience. However, he questioned the titanium grade. In a recent follow-up teardown, Nelson revealed it as grade 2 titanium. While still better than aluminum, it may not match the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max’s grade 5 titanium in durability.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra faces new troubles as users report green lines on screens within days of use.

One user on the Samsung Community forum shared their frustration after being denied an exchange for what Samsung deemed a manufacturing defect. Instead, they were advised to return and repurchase the device, losing their pre-order discount. Another user on Reddit faced similar challenges, describing their interaction with Samsung as gaslighting. Despite these isolated incidents, the green line issue appears uncommon and may require professional repair or replacement.

While the S24 Ultra was expected to be more durable with its titanium build and upgraded glass, incidents like these underscore the importance of phone protection measures like cases or insurance.

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