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Samsung’s 8K Revolution: Unveiling The Premiere Series and Gaming Hub at CES 2024

Samsung is doubling down on 8K display technology at CES 2024, not only in TVs but also in projectors.

In its CES lineup, Samsung unveils a quartet of ultra-short throw projectors, featuring its inaugural 8K model. Alongside this, a portable variant and updated versions of The Premiere LSP7T and The Premiere LSP9T are introduced. The latter is highlighted as the top choice for sound in our best 4K projectors guide.

Continuing its tradition, these new projectors boast Samsung’s Smart Hub for seamless streaming. A noteworthy addition to the 2024 lineup is the Samsung Gaming Hub, providing cloud-based access to a plethora of game titles from platforms like Xbox, Nvidia GeForce Now, and Utomik.

Not just limited to projection, when turned off, the new models transform into smart speakers for music streaming. Additionally, they feature Lightwarp, a cutting-edge projection mapping technology that allows any object in a room to morph into an interactive touchscreen display.

Introducing The Premiere 8K

Samsung’s flagship for 2024. Wirelessly streaming up to 8K video within 10 meters, it boasts a massive 150-inch display when just 12 inches from a wall. The triple-laser DLP projector dazzles with 4,000 lumens of brightness.

Not only a visual delight, The Premiere 8K rocks a built-in 8.2.2-channel Dolby Atmos sound system, delivering 100 watts of power. Thanks to Sound-on-Screen tech, audio ascends from the projector to the screen area, enhancing realism and cinematic vibes, as per Samsung.

Crafted from a blend of metal and wood, The Premiere 8K flaunts a living room-friendly design with rounded corners. Setting up is a breeze with auto-keystone, auto-focus, and a side-lever height adjustment. Plus, it comes with a lens protection cap for downtime.

Samsung's 8K Revolution: Unveiling The Premiere Series and Gaming Hub at CES 2024
Image Credit: Samsung

Meet The Premiere 5

Samsung’s latest and seemingly most compact triple-laser ultra short throw projector. Standing at just 8 inches high and measuring 5.5 inches wide and deep, it’s designed for portability.

This little powerhouse can project a 100-inch image when placed 17 inches from a wall. Boasting auto-keystone, focus, and color balance, setup is a breeze. Enhancing its versatility, an included tabletop stand transforms any horizontal surface into an interactive touchscreen display for gaming or educational apps.

The Premiere 7 and The Premiere 9

Upgrading brightness from their predecessors, LSP7T and LSP9T. Equipped with a Quantum 4K processor, they promise enhanced visuals.

Adding to the audio experience, both models now include Dolby Atmos processing. This enhancement aims to elevate sound quality, building upon the already impressive performance of Samsung’s earlier Premiere models.

Samsung’s latest 8K projector steals the spotlight at CES.

Among the new lineup, especially noteworthy is The Premiere 8K, captivating movie enthusiasts and gamers alike. Boasting 4,000 lumens brightness, it competes favorably with the Epson LS800 for daytime sports viewing.

Given the scarcity of true 8K content, The Premiere 8K mainly upscales 4K or lower-resolution content. Samsung’s expertise in this process, evident in the QN900C 8K Neo QLED TV review, enhances the viewing experience.

With its capacity to handle a 100-inch or larger screen size, The Premiere 8K showcases the benefits of 8K resolution. While true 8K movies at home remain a distant prospect, the rising popularity of 8K gaming positions Samsung’s flagship ultra short throw projector as a gaming powerhouse. Equipped with a Gaming Hub for cloud-based gaming and wireless connectivity, it’s ready to redefine gaming experiences.

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