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Hold on, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5? It’s like two iPhones undercover!

This notion drives the latest Try Galaxy web app update. When operational on dual iPhones, it presents a Samsung One UI display stretched across both screens. The aim is letting iOS users explore the perks of the foldable experience—be it enjoying content on an ‘immersive’ screen or testing productivity elements like seamless dragging and dropping across the dual screens, leveraging its multitasking prowess, a skill Samsung excels in and even the iPad could learn from.

To execute this, simply access the website or scan a QR code on two iPhones. Incorporate the web app into your home screen and then join the two devices (I suggest tape) to embark on a folding adventure to your heart’s delight (via 9to5Google)

Samsung Unveils Z Fold 5: Experience Dual iPhones Simultaneously
<Image credit: The Verge>

Exploring Samsung’s Innovative App: Unveiling Galaxy Z Fold 5 Experience

Discovering the FlexCam Experience

Samsung introduced an app that goes beyond the ordinary. It not only sheds light on Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold phones but also offers a unique ‘FlexCam experience.’ This extraordinary feature showcases the magic of folding phones—capturing unforgettable moments from creative angles and presenting selfies through the Z Flip’s cover screen. These are capabilities iPhones can’t emulate due to their non-folding design and lack of a rear screen.

My Personal Test Run

Eager to delve into this innovation, I decided to give it a go. However, my experience didn’t sway me towards transitioning to the Z Fold 5. The guided process constrained my freedom, and recurring messages about network instability led to frequent crashes. The issue might originate from my setup or possibly due to one phone running iOS 17 beta.

Unconventional Approach: Showcasing Folding Phone Benefits

Presenting the advantages of folding phones using two separate devices with a seamless, uninterrupted screen experience might seem peculiar. Especially if you’re an iPad owner, the demonstration leans more towards showcasing Samsung’s tablet prowess, albeit not in a particularly captivating manner. This approach evokes memories of early app store novelties rather than substantial tools.

Continuing Samsung’s Playful Banter

This release adds to Samsung’s history of playful taunts directed at Apple’s devices. However, recalling the outcomes of similar instances—like jabs about power adapters and the headphone jack—suggests that Samsung could soon launch an app version for its own devices. Galaxy S users might soon join in on the fun, armed with duct tape and ready to explore.

Ready to Try? Here’s the QR Code

For those intrigued by the concept, trying it out on your iPhones is just a scan away. The QR code provided below awaits your curiosity. Give it a shot and discover the world of the Z Fold 5 experience!

Ready to Try? Here's the QR Code

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