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Siemens and Microsoft  Industrial Copilot: AI for Industries

In recent months, Microsoft has actively worked to bring generative AI to office and corporate workers worldwide. Now, in a new collaboration with Siemens, they aim to extend AI to industrial customers in a significant technological advancement.

This partnership has given rise to Siemens Industrial Copilot, a jointly developed AI assistant with a primary objective of enhancing the efficiency of human-machine collaboration.

In essence, this AI assistant will create, optimize, and troubleshoot intricate automation code, ultimately reducing simulation times and enabling companies to expedite their results.

Siemens Industrial Copilot: AI for Industries

New Microsoft-Backed Copilot Targets Industrial Clients

Siemens Industrial Copilot harnesses Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service, tapping into ChatGPT’s powerful technologies.

Maintaining data control is a priority for both companies, ensuring it won’t contribute to AI model training, as seen in consumer data.

Microsoft envisions the Siemens AI tool making its mark in diverse sectors, such as manufacturing, infrastructure, transportation, and healthcare.

Schaeffler AG, an automotive supplier, already leverages generative AI for improved robotic code, boosting productivity and innovation.

Siemens AG’s CEO, Roland Busch, sees the potential to revolutionize design, development, and manufacturing, addressing labor shortages. More details at the SPS expo in Nuremberg, Germany, this month.

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