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Sonic x Angry Birds Crossover Event Unveiled in Five Sega Mobile Games

I hope you enjoy Sonic the Hedgehog and Angry Birds because both series are receiving a substantial amount of time-limited content through five Sega mobile game collaborations. These collaborations are currently underway.

An announcement trailer on the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube channel confirms that the Sonic x Angry Birds crossover event is occurring from yesterday (March 14) until March 21. So, you have approximately a week to explore the event across all the featured games.

These mobile games include: Sonic Forces, Sonic Dash, Angry Birds 2, Angry Birds Friends, and Angry Birds Dream Blast. Events in each game vary. In the Sonic titles, for instance, players can unlock and play as Angry Birds characters. Conversely, the Angry Birds games have incorporated various Sonic elements, such as new levels, power-ups, and themed challenges.

If you find this news overwhelming and wonder how such a crossover came about, we’ll bring you up to speed. Sega Sammy Holdings (Sega’s parent company) acquired Rovio, the developer of Angry Birds, late last year for approximately $776 million (via Engadget).

As a result, Sega now possesses Rovio as a mobile development studio alongside its own Hardlight team. This initial Sonic x Angry Birds crossover event represents the first tangible outcome of this acquisition, perhaps serving as a test for future endeavors.

The Sonic franchise, in particular, is currently experiencing significant momentum. Following the well-received Sonic Dream Team on iOS devices and Apple Arcade, Sega undoubtedly aims to maintain the hedgehog’s strong presence in mobile gaming. Additionally, with Sonic x Shadow Generations and the third Sonic movie slated for release later this year, there’s much to anticipate.

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