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Star Wars Eclipse: Storytelling and Action Expectations

Quantic Dream, the Parisian game studio renowned for narrative-centric titles like Heavy Rain (2010) and Detroit: Become Human (2018), is delving into uncharted territory with Star Wars Eclipse.

Venturing into the sci-fi realm of Star Wars for the first time, Quantic Dream is in the early stages of developing this story-driven title. Amid the High Republic era, occurring two hundred years before the iconic movies, Star Wars Eclipse promises a glimpse into a time when the Jedi were galactic peacekeepers, not warriors.

Star Wars Eclipse: Storytelling and Action Expectations
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Unlike its predecessors, Eclipse takes an action-oriented approach, promising branching storylines and abundant player choices. The game’s development phase is underway, and while specific details remain undisclosed, it’s evident that Quantic aims to deliver a more immersive experience.

For those eager to cut to the chase:

Star Wars: Eclipse Highlights

  • Genre: Narrative-driven action-adventure in the Star Wars universe
  • Release Date: To be confirmed, but not expected for several years
  • Platform: To be confirmed. Stay tuned for updates on this highly anticipated game.


Quantic Dream, in the early stages of Star Wars Eclipse, hasn’t disclosed a definite release date. Development appears to be in its infancy, indicating a potential wait of several years before the game hits shelves.

According to industry insider Tom Henderson, a minimum 3 to 4-year wait is anticipated, with a later report suggesting a 2027-2028 release window. Quantic Dream addressed delay rumors, asserting, “Star Wars Eclipse has not been delayed” as no launch window was officially announced.

While platforms remain unconfirmed, a likely presence on PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC is expected. Given the distant release, last-gen consoles like PS4 and Xbox One are unlikely candidates.


Quantic Dream, confirming Star Wars Eclipse’s existence, unveiled a captivating CGI trailer at The Game Awards 2021. While the game’s details remain elusive, the trailer hints at a diverse character lineup, space battles, and an alluring sci-fi city reminiscent of Coruscant.

Despite the lack of subsequent trailers, staying informed about Quantic Dream’s developments is advised through their YouTube channel.


Quantic Dream reveals Star Wars Eclipse unfolds “in an uncharted region of the Outer Rim during The High Republic era.” This era predates the Skywalker saga, showcasing the zenith of the Galactic Republic.

Details on how Quantic Dream will delve into this Star Wars epoch remain scarce. What’s certain is the player’s command over multiple characters, a trademark of Quantic Dream’s games. Brace for branching narratives influenced by your choices, promising significant story shifts and diverse endings.

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Stay tuned for the latest developments on Star Wars Eclipse. While official news is scant, we’ll strive to keep you informed as Quantic Dream’s ambitious project unfolds.

  • “Anyone can die” in Star Wars: Eclipse:
    At Tokyo Game Show 2023, Quantic Dream’s Lisa Pendse shared with IGN that in this action-adventure, “anyone can die,” emphasizing an ever-evolving story.
  • Eclipse aligns with Quantic Dream’s signature style:
    CEO Guillaume de Fondaumière assured IGN Japan that Eclipse maintains Quantic Dream’s essence, prioritizing a robust story, compelling characters, and player-driven narrative shifts.
  • Debunking delay rumors:
    Quantic Dream dismissed claims of a delay, countering reports by Xfire’s Tom Henderson. The studio clarified ongoing development and progression milestones, refuting internal delays.

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