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Tencent Cloud Powers Palworld: Latest Updates and Enhancements

Discover how Tencent Cloud's Lighthouse service revolutionizes Palworld gaming experience.

Tencent Cloud has just been announced as the official server provider for Palworld, according to a recent press release. Pocketpair, the team behind Palworld, will be making use of Tencent Cloud Lighthouse, a cloud service specifically designed for lighter tasks. Players of Palworld will access this service through Metastation, a partner of Tencent Cloud located in Singapore.

Palworld is a massively multiplayer online open-world survival game built for up to 32 players. In the game, players befriend enigmatic creatures known as Pals. Tencent Cloud reports that Palworld has drawn in over 25 million players worldwide, with data from Steamcharts indicating an average of one million players in February this year.

Tencent Cloud has clarified that by utilizing specialized multiplayer game servers, players can tailor their gaming experience to their liking. They assure users that setting up a server will be a quick process, taking only a few clicks and seconds.

The Lighthouse service is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and developers, making it easier to create websites, web applications, mini-programs, mini-games, e-commerce apps, cloud storage, and more. It offers user-friendly features, supports various operational scenarios, and provides packages with high bandwidth/traffic. Moreover, Lighthouse integrates popular open-source software to improve usability.

Tencent plans to expand its cloud services for dedicated multiplayer servers to new regions, including Japan, the United States, and the Asia-Pacific region (South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand).

Bluefin Zhao, Vice President of Tencent Cloud International, expressed, “In collaboration with Pocketpair, Tencent Cloud aims to further contribute to the advancement and widespread adoption of cloud services in the gaming sector. Through this partnership, Tencent Cloud is committed to delivering top-notch cloud services to Japanese businesses and ensuring users enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience.”

Tencent Cloud Powers Palworld

Pals Update: Bug Fixes and Improvements

Great news for Palworld players! A recent update has resolved a pesky bug introduced in the last patch. Previously, Pals obtained through breeding were stuck with negative passive skills, which players couldn’t breed out.

In Palworld, each collectible creature, known as Pals, comes with fixed passive skills. These can range from beneficial buffs like speed boosts to detrimental effects such as decreased attack and defense. Imagine having a Pal with permanent nerfs to its skills! Certain Pals, like the adorable Cattiva, always come with specific negative passives. For instance, all captured Cattivas have the ‘Coward’ trait, reducing their attack by 10 percent.

Breeding Pals was supposed to eliminate these fixed passives. However, a recent patch hindered this function. But fear not! Version v0.1.5.1 is now live on Steam, with Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One versions coming soon, resolving this issue.

The patch notes confirm fixes for various game crashes and the bug where breeding Pals always resulted in fixed passives. Additionally, other notable changes include addressing issues like the inability to open the innermost door of a random dungeon after defeating its boss and the problem with renaming Pals.

Developer Pocketpair also assured players that they’re actively working on resolving the auto-save issue on Xbox versions, which is expected to be fixed in an upcoming update.

Here’s the full list of changes:

Breeding Pals always had fixed passivesResolved
Inability to open dungeon’s innermost door after defeating bossFixed
Problem with renaming PalsAddressed
Auto-save issue on Xbox versionsUnder active development

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