Ticketmaster Data Breach: Sensitive Info Compromised

Ticketmaster experienced a significant data breach, leading to the loss of sensitive information of many users. According to Hackread, ShinyHunters, a known group, posted a 1.3TB database of compromised customer data on BreachForums. This database included details of 560 million users, such as payment data, personal information, and even partial payment card data.

The hacking group is demanding $500,000 for the database. Despite contacting Ticketmaster-Live Nation with extortion attempts, the group claimed that the company did not respond. The timing of this breach coincides with the recent relaunch of BreachForums, a popular hacking forum, shortly after its seizure by the FBI.

ShinyHunters, a key administrator of BreachForums, seems unaffected by law enforcement actions. They previously announced intentions to restart the forum after its shutdown. This leak could serve as a publicity stunt to attract hackers to the revamped forum.

While $500,000 may seem steep, it could be a worthwhile investment for hacking groups. The information sold could fuel various illicit activities, potentially yielding significant profits through phishing attacks and identity theft.

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