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watchOS 10.4 Update Resolves ‘Ghost Touches’ Issue on Apple Watch 9 and Ultra 2 Models

If you’ve noticed unexpected actions on your Apple Watch 9 or Apple Watch Ultra 2 without touching the screen, the latest watchOS 10.4 update should resolve this issue.

The watchOS 10.4 update addresses a problem identified as “ghost touches” on the display, as stated in the release notes via Wccftech. This update is currently available and can be installed from your iPhone or directly from the watch.

Earlier in February, we discussed this issue. Although its extent was unclear, Apple received enough complaints to inform authorized Apple repair shops about it.

According to the memo, these false touches could initiate calls unintentionally and prevent users from entering their passcode. For those affected, this issue significantly impacted the user experience.

WatchOS 10.4: Enhanced Notifications, Security, and Fixes

WatchOS 10.4 introduces the option to expand notifications with a double tap and enhances security for Apple Pay users with Assistive. It also fixes contact syncing issues.

This marks Apple’s eighth minor update since the launch of watchOS 10 in September 2023, alongside the latest Apple Watch models. Previous updates addressed elevation inaccuracies and watch-face syncing problems.

The initial watchOS 10 release brought significant app redesigns, smart stack widgets, and updates for cycling and hiking workouts, along with new watch faces.

Looking ahead, watchOS 11 is expected to follow the usual schedule: a preview at WWDC in June, followed by public betas and a final release in September, likely coinciding with the launch of the Apple Watch 10.

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