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WhatsApp Set to Unveil AI-Powered Updates for Enhanced User Assistance and Image Editing

WhatsApp is set to receive a couple of AI-enhanced updates designed to assist users in addressing challenging inquiries spontaneously, as well as manipulate images within the platform.

Commencing with addressing queries, the enhancement incorporates one of Meta’s AI algorithms into the WhatsApp search function. This integration, as indicated by WABetaInfo, enables users to directly input questions without necessitating the creation of a separate chat thread for the AI. This facilitates swift interactions right within the same interface.

This seems to be an expansion of the built-in helpers initially introduced in November 2023. A screenshot featured in the report indicates that WhatsApp will offer several prompts to initiate conversations.

The capabilities of the search bar AI remain uncertain. The helpers come in various personas specialized in distinct subjects. However, judging from the aforementioned screenshot, it seems that the search bar will utilize the fundamental Meta AI model. It would be enjoyable if we could designate the Snoop Dogg persona as the primary assistant.

AI picture editing

The subsequent update comprises a set of image modification functionalities unearthed by industry authority AssembleDebug, following an in-depth analysis of a recent WhatsApp beta version. AssembleDebug stumbled upon three potential forthcoming tools – Backdrop, Restyle, and Expand. Their precise functions remain undisclosed as none of them are operational yet. Nonetheless, the first two bear a resemblance to features currently accessible on Instagram, hinting at potential similarities in functionality.

Backdrop might enable users to transform the background of an image using a text prompt. Restyle can completely transform the artistic style of an uploaded image. Think of these as akin to filters, albeit more sophisticated. Users can convert a photograph into a watercolor painting or pixel art. It’s even plausible to generate entirely original content through a text prompt.

Expand stands out as the latest addition. Based on its name, AssembleDebug speculates that it will utilize AI capabilities to “expand images beyond their visible area”. Similar technology is already in use on other platforms; for instance, Photoshop features Generative Expand, and Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series can expand images post-adjustment through rotation.

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