Windows 11 Photos App Update Enhances Performance

Microsoft has recently released an update for the Photos app in Windows 11. This update introduces significant changes that may improve how the app functions on your PC.

The core update involves migrating the Photos app from Microsoft’s UWP (Universal Windows Platform) to Windows App SDK. This transition means the app is now built with a newer framework, enhancing its compatibility with modern Windows versions.

Currently, testers in the Windows Insider Program have access to the updated Photos app. Additionally, as reported by Windows Latest, the update has started rolling out to users with the final version of Windows 11.

The move to Windows App SDK allows the integration of WebView2. This technology brings several enhancements, including improved image rendering and AI-related features.

Numerous other improvements come with the new Photos app. It now runs at a medium integrity level by default, which is a common security setting for most activities on a Windows PC. Moreover, users can save edited photos in the original photo’s location without manually selecting a file destination.

Another notable change is the consolidation of the Photos app’s multiple processes into a single process named ‘Photos.’ This simplification makes it easier to locate and close the app in Task Manager.

However, there is a drawback. According to Windows Latest, the new Photos app takes longer to load. This longer load time is typical of many Windows App SDK applications and may involve a ‘Getting things ready’ splash screen for about 20 seconds.

Windows 11 Photos App Update Enhances Performance

Furthermore, the updated Photos app might use more of your PC’s resources, especially with its new web-based functions. For instance, while editing a photo, the app renders web-based image editing within its interface.

If you prefer not to use this updated version, you can download the Legacy Photos app from the Microsoft Store. This option allows you to retain the older version without the new AI features.

Therefore, if you are satisfied with these changes, your Windows 11 PC will automatically install the updated Photos app soon. If not, you can revert to the legacy version for a more familiar experience.

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