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Windows 11’s Next Big Update: Anticipating Moment 5 in 2024 with Exciting Features

Windows 11 is gearing up for its next feature drop in early 2024 with the anticipated arrival of the fifth ‘Moment’ update. Moments, smaller feature updates released independently from the annual Windows 11 upgrades, offer users a continuous stream of improvements.

According to Windows Central‘s Zac Bowden, Moment 5 is expected to make its debut in February, colloquially known as the ‘February 2024 Moment.’ However, it’s crucial to note that the initial release will be a preview, with the full version slated for March, possibly on March 12, following Microsoft’s typical cumulative update schedule.

Despite being labeled a minor release, Moment 5 brings a mix of tweaks and additions. Notably, stylus users will appreciate the ability to directly write into text fields with their pen, a feature promised by Microsoft for future OS-wide integration in Windows.

Windows 11's Next Big Update: Anticipating Moment 5 in 2024 with Exciting Features
(Image Credit: Sunrise King/Unsplash)

Voice Access is also receiving commendable updates, including support for multiple monitors and powerful voice shortcuts. Users can now create customizable commands for actions like opening files, folders, or pasting text, offering a seamless, multi-step experience.

Beyond these user-centric features, Microsoft is incorporating minor adjustments, such as character count in Notepad and the ability to rename devices using the Nearby Share feature for easier identification. Additionally, some changes are driven by compliance with European regulations, allowing users in the European Economic Area (EEA) to uninstall the Edge browser and replace Bing in the taskbar search box with alternative search engines like Google. These regulatory adjustments align with Microsoft’s commitment to meeting European standards.

Progress Marches On

Unfortunately, non-EEA Windows 11 users miss out on some options. Yet, they gain the ability to uninstall more default apps, like Photos.

Additionally, Microsoft is giving users the power to make the widgets panel exclusively about widgets, allowing removal of the news feed. Intriguingly, third-party services can now integrate into the panel, bringing Google News or others right into your widget board.

Good news – these widget enhancements are universal, not limited to the EEA. Hopefully, other rumored European changes, like removing Edge, will also reach a broader audience, catering to those keen on decluttering Windows 11.

It’s essential to note these changes are based on rumors, but recent testing supports the mentioned features. While the release date in February (for preview) and March needs confirmation, Bowden stands out as a reliable source for Microsoft insights. Nevertheless, timelines may shift.

There’s chatter suggesting this might be the final Moment update before the next-gen Windows arrives in 2024. Uncertain if it’s Windows 12, Windows AI, or a continued Windows 11 (24H2), but signs point to a significant move.

According to another Bowden rumor, Microsoft may shift away from Moments, opting for fewer updates and concentrating changes in the annual upgrade – a return to the old ways.

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