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The Leak

A significant leak has surfaced, shedding light on AMD’s forthcoming CPUs, namely the Strix Point and Strix Point Halo APUs. These processors, equipped with integrated graphics, offer an all-in-one solution, eliminating the need for a separate GPU.

This leak originated from a post on X (previously known as Twitter), which has since been deleted. However, the Hong Kong-based tech site HKEPC managed to capture all the details before the post’s removal.

The Document

The leaked document, believed to be official, is extensive, spanning 144 pages. It provides insights into what we can anticipate from both the Strix Point APUs and the high-end Strix Point Halo chips that will succeed them. While much of the information corroborates previous rumors, there are also some intriguing new details.

The Chips

According to the leaked material, these chips will be based on Zen 5 and feature refreshed RDNA 3.5 (also known as RDNA 3+) graphics, along with next-gen XDNA 2 for the NPU. Interestingly, these chips are essentially 3-in-1s, comprising a CPU, GPU, and now an NPU, reflecting the advent of the AI PC era.

AMD’s Upcoming CPUs: A Comprehensive Leak

Strix Halo APUs

The Strix Halo APUs will be available in configurations of up to 16 cores (32 threads), featuring 40 CUs for its integrated RDNA 3.5 graphics, and 32MB of MALL cache for the integrated GPU. As previously speculated, the 16-core flagship will consist of a pair of chipsets (2 x 8-cores).

In terms of AI performance, the NPU of the Halo range is expected to achieve 60 TOPS (trillions of operations per second), which is quite impressive.

Strix Point APUs

The Strix Point APUs, on the other hand, are rumored to offer up to 12-core (24-thread) configurations, equipped with a GPU featuring 16 CUs and AI processing capabilities of 50 TOPS.

Analysis: The Importance of TOPS

The specifications, particularly the NPUs and GPUs, appear promising. It’s worth noting that the shared TOPS ratings pertain solely to the NPU and do not represent the combined AI processing capabilities of the APU. Both 60 TOPS (for Halo) and 50 TOPS (for Strix Point) are impressive speeds for NPUs, with even the latter figure surpassing the much-discussed Snapdragon X Elite (at 45 TOPS).

The Competition

Qualcomm is certainly making waves with the upcoming Snapdragon X Elite, but it’s important to remember that AMD’s Strix Point is set to launch later this year, potentially alongside Apple’s M4. Consequently, the competition in the laptop market is likely to intensify soon.

Apple may have cause for concern with Strix Point, especially Halo, which could power formidable MacBook Pro competitors. With its integrated GPU, Strix Point Halo appears to be a powerhouse. If the AMD flagship features 40 CUs, it would significantly outperform the existing RX 7600 XT (at 32 CUs). Furthermore, the upcoming APU will benefit from a faster, tweaked RDNA 3 architecture. The inclusion of 32MB of MALL cache should further enhance performance.

Looking Ahead

While we’re already excited about the Halo silicon, this leak only adds fuel to the fire. However, it’s worth noting that Strix Point Halo isn’t expected to launch until later (2025). In the meantime, Apple, Qualcomm, and of course, Intel, should be on their toes.

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