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Dell and Nvidia Join Forces to Revolutionize AI Integration for Enterprises

Dell unveiled a recent partnership with Nvidia to aid enterprises in adopting artificial intelligence by addressing the complexities linked with deploying AI.

The announcement at Nvidia GTC 2024 showcases the new Dell AI Factory with Nvidia, an initiative designed to accelerate AI integration across various industries, customized for training, enhancing, and executing AI models – or as Dell characterizes it, “the complete GenAI lifecycle.”

The extensive AI enterprise solution will combine Dell’s computing, storage, client device, software, and service capabilities with Nvidia’s AI infrastructure and software.

Dell and Nvidia Join Forces to Revolutionize AI Integration for Enterprises

Dell and Nvidia AI collaboration

Steve Young, the UK Senior Vice President for Dell, highlighted the user-friendly aspect of the company’s cooperative endeavors with Nvidia: “Our alliance with NVIDIA enables us to offer our clients a simple and adaptable approach to managing intricate AI demands.”

Dell also affirmed its introduction of a rack-scale, high-density, liquid-cooled structure based on the Nvidia Grace Blackwell Supership. Moreover, it mentioned that its PowerEdge XE9680 servers will also accommodate new Nvidia GPU models, such as the B200 Tensor Core GPU, which pledges up to 15x higher AI inference performance and enhanced efficiency.

“Together, Nvidia and Dell are aiding enterprises in establishing AI factories to transform their proprietary data into potent insights,” remarked Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang.

Dell AI Factory is accessible through Dell APEX subscriptions, which implies that enterprises will enjoy pay-as-you-go flexibility without a substantial initial investment. Additionally, available through conventional avenues, Dell AI Factory with Nvidia is now widely accessible.

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