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Sonos to Redesign S2 App for Enhanced Connectivity and Customization

Sonos is poised for a significant overhaul of its S2 app, aiming to streamline device setup and fortify speaker connectivity, alongside introducing fresh customization features. As reported by TheVerge, sources close to the development have leaked screenshots of the impending revamp.

The forthcoming changes involve a restructuring of the app’s navigation, with a notable absence of bottom tabs. Instead, a search bar will facilitate swift music discovery for soundbar owners. The home screen will pivot as a centralized platform, featuring scrollable carousels for playlists and direct access to streaming services.

Customization remains a key facet, allowing users the flexibility to tailor the app’s layout to their preferences, including soundbar settings adjustment through the dedicated “Your System” section.

Furthermore, revisions extend to the Now Playing screen, where both shuffle and repeat functionalities will be prominently displayed. Notably, the volume slider in the mini-player will be consistently accessible throughout the app’s interface.

Mixed Reception: Love It or Hate It

While anticipation brews among enthusiasts, dissatisfaction with the current S2 app has lingered online. The Verge highlighted grievances shared on the Sonos subreddit, where users lamented the app’s functionality issues. Notably, remote control of speaker alarms emerged as a recurring frustration among users.

Despite a predominantly positive reception on app stores, criticism persists regarding the app’s user interface and sporadic connectivity glitches, particularly evident in Google Play Store reviews. The divide between fervent supporters and detractors remains stark, indicating a polarized user base.

Anticipated Rollout and Conclusion

As per The Verge’s report, the S2 update is slated for release on both Android and iOS platforms, tentatively scheduled for May 7th, pending any unforeseen changes. As Sonos prepares to unveil its revamped app, the impending enhancements hold promise for a more seamless and tailored audio experience for users worldwide.

Upcoming Initiatives: A Glimpse into Sonos’ Future

It’s important to note that the upcoming redesign isn’t entirely unexpected.

In February, Bloomberg unveiled some of Sonos’ plans for 2024, notably their focus on a revamped mobile app dubbed Passport. This app is anticipated to serve as the foundation for the future S2 upgrade. Originally slated for release in March, the update faced delays due to development challenges.

Bloomberg’s report also highlighted two upcoming Sonos devices: Duke and Disco. While details on Duke remain limited, it shares a name with headphones recently discovered on the Bluetooth SIG website. According to 91Mobiles, these headphones may offer Wi-Fi music streaming and are set for a June launch with an expected price tag of $450.

Disco, on the other hand, is positioned as Sonos’ answer to Apple AirPods, offering Wi-Fi connectivity for enhanced user experience.

As Sonos gears up for a period of heightened activity in the coming months, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate further updates on these intriguing developments. Nonetheless, it’s essential to approach leaked information with caution, recognizing that plans may evolve before the official launch.

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