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Enshrouded Update Performance Boost & Bug Fixes

Keen Games just rolled out the first big update for Enshrouded, aiming to tackle performance issues and bugs.

Enshrouded, a survival action RPG, hit Steam in early access on January 24. Today (February 6), it gets its first significant patch to enhance stability after player feedback.

One issue causing trouble is the “not enough system memory available” error, which pops up if your machine has less than 16GB of RAM. Although not fixed, you can bypass it by adding “–disable-ram-check” to the game’s launch options.

Version addresses rare crashes, especially on AMD GPUs, boosts performance for various in-game systems and fixes login issues on dedicated servers.

Additionally, the in-game reset timer for world content drops to 30 minutes, occurring only when no players are nearby.

Enshrouded, with a “Very Positive” rating on Steam, will soon launch on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Enshrouded Update Performance Boost & Bug Fixes
Image Credit: Enshrouded

Patch Notes for Enshrouded Version

Known Issue:

  • “Not enough system memory available” error message at game start.
  • Triggers with less than 16GB RAM.
  • Bypass by adding “–disable-ram-check” to launch options via Steam.
  • Note: Low-spec computers may struggle in the long run as more features are added.


Stability and Performance:

  • Resolved rare crashes.
  • Fixed AMD GPU crash during shader compilation.
  • Enhanced performance across various game systems.
  • Increased log file messages for stability monitoring.
  • Error messages can now be dismissed with mouse clicks.

Multiplayer and Servers:

  • Fixed login issues on dedicated servers.
  • Improved error message handling for version mismatches.
  • Steam community content preferences are supported in the server list.


  • Improved texture resolution on objects.

Game World:

  • Reset timer lowered to 30 minutes.
  • Fixed blocked door in “Cinder Vault.”
  • Added terrain material deposits.
  • Enhanced visibility and added more amber nodes.
  • Improved tumbleweed scattering.
  • Polished points of interest.
  • Cleared blocked paths in the world.
  • Enhanced ground fog visuals in the Revelwoods.


  • Correctly unlocked rake recipe.
  • Earlier availability of the first magical storage chest.
  • Crafting quest updates and auto-completion.
  • Crafting progression adjustments.
  • Fixed equipment upgrade quest bug.
  • Corrected stamina deduction for jumps.
  • Adjusted sprint jumps for map traversal.
  • Fixed interaction bugs with hook anchors and beds.
  • Fixed warrior skill “Absorb” and adjusted skill “Water Aura.”
  • Buffed ice bolt spell.
  • Corrected weapon item levels.
  • Reduced poison attack damage.
  • Fixed collision issues and bat spawns.
  • Adjusted enemy sounds in multiplayer.
  • Fixed skill VFX and weapon models.
  • Resolved armor visual issues.

Building and Terraforming:

  • Fixed terrain voxel placement bug.
  • Removed the “undo” button hint.
  • Improved ambient sound detection.
  • Enhanced ambiance in player base cellars.
  • Fixed visual glitches on roofs.
  • Increased dungeon material durability.
  • Fixed base maximum support bypass.
  • Fixed action bar cycling with the mouse wheel.


  • Resolved overflowing text issues.
  • Improved layout problems.
  • Fixed text issues for weapon and armor stats.
  • Localization fixes for Japanese and Chinese.

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