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Experience the Power of GPT-4o: Unleashing ChatGPT’s Major Update for Free!

ChatGPT, the AI chatbot, has received a significant upgrade. The ‘Spring Update’ event unveiled new features, powered by the GPT-4o model. This has led to comparisons with the virtual assistant from Spike Jonze’s film, Her. But when can you try it? It’s not straightforward.

GPT-4o, a multi-modal version of ChatGPT, is currently being rolled out. It can process audio, vision, and text simultaneously. Even free users can access it. However, only text and image capabilities are available at present, with voice and video features to follow.


To access GPT-4o, log into your account and check the drop-down menu. It will default to GPT-4o, labeled as OpenAI’s “most advanced model” if updated.

But what about the ChatGPT apps for iOS, Android, and Mac? The rollout is slower on these platforms. The iOS and Android versions don’t yet have GPT-4o, and the new Mac app is still being released.

OpenAI announced on May 13 that the macOS app is being rolled out to Plus users. It will be more widely available soon. Windows users, however, will have to wait for their version, due later this year.

GPT-4o vs others
Image credit: OpenAi

When will the new voice assistant be available?

The GPT-4o demo showcased impressive real-time speech and vision capabilities. But a wider rollout will take time. Developers can now access GPT-4o’s text and vision capabilities via the API. This differs from the image-based version released to users.

OpenAI plans to release a new version of Voice Mode with GPT-4o in alpha within ChatGPT Plus soon. Support for GPT-4o’s audio and video capabilities will also be launched for a select group of partners.

This means some of GPT-4o’s most exciting features are currently only available to testers and developers among ChatGPT’s paid users. This is understandable, given the significant computing power required.

While this may be frustrating for those eager to use the advanced features of GPT-4o, there is good news. GPT-4o will be available to both free and paid users. Although the full rollout may take time, the potential is clear. Now, all eyes are on Google’s response at Google I/O 2024.

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