Helldivers 2: Viper Commandos Update Revealed | Video Available

Helldivers 2 plans to introduce significant updates monthly, presenting players with fresh Warbonds to engage with. The forthcoming update has now been outlined, unveiling its release date and contents.

Since its debut, Helldivers 2 has emerged as a standout title on PS5, particularly enjoyable for group play. Now, anticipation builds for the upcoming content drop.

Mark your calendars for the imminent major Helldivers 2 update, Viper Commandos, scheduled for June 13, 2024. This update will feature a jungle warfare theme.

Included in the Viper Commandos Warbond are new armor sets, such as the PH-9 Predator and PH-202 Twigsnapper, along with distinctive capes like the Mark of the Crimson Fang and The Executioner’s Canopy. Additionally, new weaponry, player banners, sidearms, boosters, emotes, and patterns are set to enrich the gameplay experience.

Traditionally, Helldivers 2 has followed a bi-weekly Warbond release schedule. However, this pattern is undergoing modification, as hinted in a recent Tweet from Arrowhead. Details regarding this alteration remain forthcoming.

For those curious about the upcoming content, a video preview is available for viewing.

For more information about the upcoming Helldivers 2 update, refer to the following FAQ section:

What is a Warbond in Helldivers 2?
A Warbond serves as a Battle Pass mechanism, with both base and premium options available. The new Cutting Edge Warbond will introduce another premium tier, offering exclusive rewards unlockable via Medals.

Are Helldivers 2 Warbonds complimentary?
No, the forthcoming Cutting Edge Warbond will necessitate Super Credits for purchase. While these credits can be earned in-game, acquiring enough to unlock the next Warbond may require real currency.

How can players access the new weapons and armor from Warbonds?
Similar to existing Warbonds, the upcoming release will require players to earn Medals during missions, gradually progressing through the Battle Pass rewards. Access to all rewards is not immediate upon purchasing the Warbond.

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